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Should We Care About Preet Bharara’s Dismissal?

In America, who you vote for or donate to matters a lot more than whether you believe in liberty and justice for all.

The Left: If You're White, You'll Always Lose

If you said this about any other race, you would be driven out of polite society.

Americans Can Trust Trump... As Long As He's Not Joking

We must not let Trump and his team de-escalate his attacks after the fact by claiming that he was speaking “in general.”

The Culture War: Progressives and Conservatives Both Lose

Things are about to get very exciting- the status quo will no longer apply.

The "Governator" Might Be The Senator Come 2018

If Schwarzenegger enters the Senate, there’s a chance he could rally many Republicans against the president… or prove to be a big regret.

Shhh! A Few of the Things the Media Isn't Telling You

Why allow yourself to be duped by the speculations and distortions of media that have given up their role in our society?

The Fake News Are Spiraling Out Of Control

Forget cognitive dissonance, these fuckers are straight up lying.

AHCA's Failure May Lead To Single-Payer Healthcare

The only way to provide adequate healthcare for all citizens is to make basic healthcare as universal as K-12 public education.

Emma Watson Faces Criticism Over Topless Photos

The fact that Watson needs to explain her artistic choices just demonstrates that the feminist fight isn’t over.

WikiLeaks Reveals 2017 Is The New 1984

While the dystopian novel depicted government surveillance as constantly visible, the reality may be that omnipresent surveillance and control is practically invisible.


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