Nike's Transparent Trans-Pacific Pathos

Nike needs to cut all the equality crap and tell us the real reason they are suddenly social activists: they want their cheap labor to be even cheaper.

Will The Early Flynn Resignation Erode GOP Patience With Trump?

Michael Flynn has used up the last Republican goodwill in Trump’s already-small tank, and running on empty will have major ramifications for the Trump White House in the upcoming months.

The Shadow Government, I'm Shaking in My Boots

If you are the "party of the people," what are you doing with billionaire elitists like Warren Buffett and George Soros?

In Defense Of Tomi Lahren, Or: Stop Fighting Straw Men

Reasoned discussion is the only way to beat Lahren and her ilk, reasoned listening is the only place to start.

Can We Please Stop Tweeting Politics!??

Maybe all of our most important issues, politics, and beliefs will forever be watered down in the toxic filter of 140 characters or less.

Sanders Wins Healthcare Debate, Shows GOP Has No Plan

If the duo should ever meet again in a presidential debate, my money’s on Sanders to notch a second win.

Boycotts and Bans, Or: Politics Poison Everything Else

When you feel so strongly about a cause, you take any contrary opinion as a personal attack.

Trump Blurs Church And State With Johnson Amendment Plans

We don’t need more options for political financial donations; in fact, we need less.

Betsy DeVos: Why American Democracy Is Broken

Of course  Betsy DeVos was ratified – she paid for it. Just like she paid to have schools privatized in Michigan.

Reality Distortion Field: How Politics Can Make Your Brain Bad

Sometimes I feel the need to highlight something so strange, it really defies belief.


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