Red vs. Blue: How America Ended Up With a Two-Party System

Unless a major event occurs within the nation that will compel Americans to demand real change, the DNC and GOP will continue to run the country.

The US Constitution: Why It is So Difficult to Amend

The next time an outspoken person appears on national television in favor of easing Article V, question their intentions and motives.

Tom Arnold Claims He Has A Tape Of Trump Saying Horrible Things

The dwindled star of a comedian that is Tom Arnold claims that he has access to outtakes from the TV show The Apprentice, in which Donald Trump is allegedly saying some pretty horrible things.

O’Reilly: Left Wants Power Taken From The White Establishment

Everybody knows that Bill O’Reilly has been thinking it for all of these years, it’s just hard to believe that he actually stuck his white foot in his old mouth on a major network.

Ho, Ho, Hoax? What's the Deal With all the Fake Hate Crimes?

Despite what the media might say, Donald Trump supporters (also known as half the population) are not hateful, racist, xenophobes.

Goodwill Toward None? Why Is There A War on Christmas?

Like it or not, Western society- and by and large American society- was built on Christian values and principles.

The Fake War On Christmas Is Finally Over

When Bill O’Reilly and the president-elect say that the war on Christmas has been won, take a minute to reflect on how little that really means.

Was Everyone Blind or Just Lying? The Truth About Donald Trump

The left orchestrated a strategy to defeat Trump based entirely on a fake representation of the man. 

Trump And Turkey- No Clear Policy On Conflict Of Interests

Is Turkey a sign of Trump's position on conflicts of interest?

"Hell Will Freeze." Enough Is Enough

It's clear liberals would rather have a dictatorship, where they're at the top, than a democracy.


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