The Gender Wage Gap Is Alive And Well In Hollywood

We are still living in a world where even stars like Jennifer Lawrence make substantially less than their male co-stars. 

The Problem With The Constant Russia ‘Stories’

We need to stop latching onto the constant drip of Trump-Russia news as though quantity is somehow a substitute for quality in terms of evidence. 

Youth In Revolt: Is The Future Conservative?

Studies about 'Generation Z' seem to suggest that our political sensibilities are due for a massive shake up. 

Trump Still Won't Let The Popular Vote Go

Almost 6 months later and despite the conclusions of multiple studies, Trump is still pushing the narrative that millions of illegal voters are what cost him the 2016 popular vote.

Once Again, Trump Is Inconsistent On Russia

Trump's speech in Poland was a confusing mess of contradictory and inconsistent statements that still leave many questions about his true stance on Russia.

CNN Threatens To 'Dox' Private Citizen Over A Meme

CNN has officially lost it's last bit of dignity when it deployed totalitarian blackmail tactics against a private citizen for making a funny meme.

Robert Mueller Is Not The Bipartisan He's Made Out To Be

Mueller's past shows that he has approached his job differently according to the political affiliation of the presiding president.

Why Do Liberals Worship Obama?

Clearly, liberals value personality over principles.

Millennial Men Undergoing Plastic Surgery At Record Rate

Our obsessive culture of social media has created a generation uniquely self-conscious and vain enough to believe happiness can be found "under the knife."

Backlash Over Ivanka's Chinese-Made Products Goes Viral

For a woman who wants to stay out of politics and step back from business, Ivanka Trump seems to profit nicely from her role in the White House.


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