Are We About to Enter a Second Amendment Renaissance?

The more I think about the Second Amendment, the more I realize there was a reason Madison put it into the Bill of Rights.

Sanitizing History: New Orleans Removes Confederate Statues

Removing harmful images of our past prevents us from learning from our collective mistakes, and may strengthen the supporters of ideas by invigorating those who thrive under a persecution complex.

A Common Man’s Guide To The Trump Tax Plan

Using conservative economic principles as a guide, the Trump proposals take a wide-ranging approach to leveling the playing field that is the American tax code for individuals and businesses alike.

Progressivism: It's Never Going To Be Enough

When will liberals be happy? I'd say they'll only be happy when white men are enslaved, Christianity is outlawed, and fat women rule the earth.

The Flurry Of Trump Firings Continues With James Comey

Between firing Yates and Comey, Donald Trump has hurt his reputation with the Justice Department.

Woman Who Laughed At Sessions' Hearing Faces Jail Time

A woman who laughed out loud during one of Jeff Session’s confirmation hearings has been convicted by a Washington jury.

The Short-Sighted Criticisms Of Millennials

Criticism of millennials has become the refuge of every monthly magazine without a cover story and every person reaching the threshold of age where people under thirty start to annoy them.

Trump Blames Obama For Flynn Scandal And It Backfires

It turns out that Barack Obama actually warned Donald Trump against hiring Michael Flynn within forty-eight hours of Trump winning the election.

Millennials: An Entire Generation That Sucks?

Yeah, colleges get blamed a lot for the way millennials are behaving, but their behavior was ingrained long before they reached the land of safe spaces and trigger warnings.

Will Crime Increase Without Use Of Stop/Frisk?

What will it take to convince people that stop and frisk works? Hard evidence is apparently not persuasive enough.


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