The Comey Hearing is Damning, Just Not for Donald

Thursday’s hearing exposed the co-mingling of political agendas and FBI operations and a lack of basic journalistic standards by the American news media.

Comey: Not The Smoking Gun The Media Planned For

Media hyped Comey’s testimony endlessly, all but promising the former FBI director would sink Trump’s presidency. In reality, this looks like a win for Trump.

Hate For Millennials Has Reached Absurd Levels

Apparently, we could all afford to buy homes if we would stop eating so many damn smashed avocados.  

'I Hope You Can Do This': A Continuing War Over Words

People's minds were made up well before the Comey hearing ever took place- and that's exactly how Donald Trump and his supporters wanted it. 

Do Liberals Still Need Bill Maher?

Yes, Bill Maher apologized for his recent racial slur. But his brand of smug condescension isn't doing liberals any favors. We don't need him anymore.

Should Churches Have To Pay Taxes?

These leaders and institutions don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. Help the communities without an agenda, and cough up the same amount of money in taxes as the rest of the population

Why Are Liberals Destroying Themselves?

The tendency for liberalism to craft a hierarchy of victimhood has broken it into fragments and factions.

Hillary Clinton Now Blames The DNC For Her Electoral Loss

For Clinton to blame the DNC for her loss is laughable. Instead of running a fair contest as promised, the DNC went out of its way to ensure that Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination.

Culture of Violence? The Left Is out for Blood

Comic book artists have killed him. Snoop Dogg shot him. And now an aging comedian/actress held up a fake, severed Trump head covered in blood.

"Covfefe": A Sign Trump Needs To Stay Off Of Twitter

Trump's recent string of visits in the Middle East and with NATO allies saw a positive bump in his polling numbers, a time when he was also notably inactive on social media.