Amy Klobuchar Launches 2020 Presidential Bid, Immediately Feuds With Trump

Klobuchar officially jumped in the race and quickly mocked the president's grasp on climate science.

‘Bullsh*t’: Steve Schmidt Walks Off His Own Podcast When Asked About Working for Howard Schultz

The #NeverTrump former Republican strategist threatened to sue his own podcast studio if they aired the interview.

Does Hypocrisy Even Matter Anymore?

As a tool of political argument, hypocrisy's overuse has rendered it impotent against its targets. 

Is Trump Behind Jeff Bezos Blackmail? Investigator Alleges ‘Government Entity’ Stole Texts

Jeff Bezos suggests the National Enquirer blackmailed him in a politically motivated hit job.

Kavanaugh Votes to Gut Roe v. Wade as John Roberts Sides With Liberal Justices to Save It -- For Now

John Roberts sided with liberal justices to block a restrictive Louisiana abortion law but the court may take up the case next term.

AOC Exposes How Campaign Finance Laws Allow 'Super Legal' Political Corruption in One Video

Campaign finance laws allow big money donors to essentially legally buy lawmakers.

Former NY Times Editor Jill Abramson Called Out for Apparent Plagiarism in Her New Book

Vice News reporter Michael Moynihan posted passages that appear to be nearly identical to articles in The New Yorker, Columbia Journalism Review.

Maria Butina’s GOP Operative Boyfriend Paul Erickson Indicted for Fraud

Erickson, who was deeply involved in Butina's plot, was indicted on an unrelated decades-long fraudulent scheme.

PayPal Bans Racist Troll Laura Loomer Over Anti-Muslim Attacks

Loomer complained that she can't pay off her $40,000 credit card debt that she racked up pulling pro-Trump stunts.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Phil Robertson: I Don’t Need Healthcare, I Have ‘Immortality Given to Me By God’

Robertson told Fox Business that healthcare is not necessary because doctors die too.