Deficit Rises to Nearly $1 Trillion, Hits Highest Point in 7 Years

Trump vowed to eliminate the debt. It has increased by nearly 70 percent since he took office.

Adviser Says Mitt Romney Will Rally Republicans to Remove Trump in Impeachment Vote

GOP donors are lobbying Romney to primary Trump, but he wants to play key part in Senate impeachment trial instead.

Trump Suggests Nancy Pelosi ‘Must Be Immediately Impeached’ for ‘Treason’

President takes a break from committing crimes to baselessly accuse his investigators of crimes.

Second Intelligence Community Whistleblower With ‘Firsthand’ Information Comes Forward

A second intelligence official says he has first-hand information about Trump's pressure on Ukraine to investigate Biden.

Is Nepotism Always Wrong?

When is nepotism ok and when is it not ok? Is it ok in Biden’s case but not in Trump’s case? Why?

Impeachment Will Not Hurt Trump's 2020 Election Chances

impeachment will not necessarily hurt Trump’s 2020 election chances because he can still run for president and win whether or not the Senate convicts him.

The DHS Has Recognized the Threat of White Nationalism, But it's Long Overdue

Since it's inception the Department of Homeland Security has disproportionately focused on foreign threats. It appears they are finally starting to look inwards. 

Sanders' Supporters Should Be Ready To Support Yang, Not Warren

If worst comes to worst and Sanders has to drop out of the race, Warren is currently the default backup choice for many Sanders supporters, but they should take another look at Yang.

CNN Refuses to Run ‘Demonstrably False’ Trump Ads But Facebook Will

CNN says the ads make "demonstrably false" claims about Joe Biden.

Woman Who Ranted About ‘Eating Babies’ at AOC Town Hall Identified as Pro-Trump ‘Cult’ Member

"AOC supporter" identified by the Trumps is actually a "Trump supporter."


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