Conservative News Outlet ‘RedState’ Claims Mueller Involved in Seth Rich Murder ‘Conspiracy’

RedState later deleted the article, which was published with an editor's note rebuking the claims therein.

Trump Fires Pollsters After Leaked Numbers Show Him Losing in Key 2020 States

Trump's internal poll numbers showed him losing badly to Joe Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Andrew Yang is Right to Worry About Automation. So Why Isn't He Winning?

Yang's uphill battle doesn't just lie in usual newbie name recognition -- his diagnosis of the country's problems and solutions are still both unfamiliar to most Americans. 

New York Just Eliminated Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

New York's measles outbreak was traced back to Orthodox Jewish communities.

Michigan Prosecutors Drop All Criminal Charges in Flint Water Crisis

Prosecutors say they may bring new charges against 8 officials awaiting trial. Seven others already accepted plea deals.

Republican Blocks Bill Requiring Campaigns to Report All Foreign Assistance to the FBI

Marsha Blackburn blocked the bill after Trump said he would accept dirt on political opponents from foreign governments.

Most Millionaires Support Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Over $50M: CNBC Survey

CNBC survey found that the more money millionaires had, the more likely they were to support Warren's wealth tax.

Jessica Biel Joins Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To Lobby Against CA Vaccine Bill

Biel visited the California legislature to lobby against a bill that would limit medical exemptions from vaccines.

Coal Falls to 4-Decade Low Under Trump, May Plummet Further Due to Trade War

"The coal industry is back," Trump declared in West Virginia as coal production plummeted to its lowest level in 40 years.

Crowdfunded Border Wall Ordered to Keep Its Gate Open Indefinitely

We Build The Wall finally built a section of Trump's proposed border wall -- but an international commission ordered them to keep their gate open.


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