Woman Who Stole Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop During Capitol Riot Planned to Sell It to Russia: Feds

Federal authorities say a Pennsylvania woman who allegedly stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop planned to sell it to Russian intelligence, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Riley June Williams, 22, is accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop during the January 6 siege.

Federal authorities said in a court affidavit that a former partner reported Williams after he recognized her on news footage from the riot.

Her ex also told investigators that he saw a video of Williams taking a laptop from Pelosi’s office and claimed she bragged that she intended to send it to a friend in Russia who would sell it to Russian intelligence.

Her ex claimed that the deal fell through and she still had Pelosi’s laptop.

Williams fled:

Authorities found that Williams had already fled the apartment she shares with her mother when they arrived on Saturday.

Williams’ mother said that news reporters had already come to the home after identifying her.

She confirmed that her daughter was seen in news footage at the Capitol, where she was seen directing other rioters inside the Capitol to a staircase leading to Pelosi’s office.

Her mother said that Williams did not say where she was going.

“She’s actually gone,” she said. “She took off not only because of that (video). She figures if it’s out there, they’ll (the FBI) come to her about it.”

Williams wasn’t a Trump supporter until last year:

Williams took a sudden interest in Trump and far-right message boards over the last year, her mother told the Inquirer.

Her father said he drove Williams, an employee at a home health care agency, to the rally but they became separated and only met up later in the evening.

The FBI said Williams told her mother she would be gone several weeks and changed her phone number and scrubbed her social media accounts.


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