Wisconsin Election Commission Votes to Remove Kanye West From Presidential Ballot

The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted to keep rapper Kanye West off the state’s presidential ballot on Thursday, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

The bipartisan commission voted 5-1 to keep West off the ballot after finding that his representatives failed to file his paperwork by the August 4 deadline at 5 pm.

The team had argued that they had until 5:01 to submit the paperwork because the law requires it to be filed “no later” than 5 pm.

"The papers were late," Democratic lawyer Jeffrey Mandell said. "Under Wisconsin law, they cannot be allowed."

"I regret it's the case," agreed Commissioner Dean Knudson, a former GOP state lawmaker. "I do not feel they filed timely."

One commissioner votes in favor:

One Republican on the commission voted to allow West on the ballot.

"Mr. West is an African American candidate," said Commissioner Robert Spindell, a Republican, "and I think we should do all we can to — after the terrible treatment that the Black population in Milwaukee received during the April election — that we given them a choice."

"When are they going to quit suppressing the Black vote?" he bizarrely said of Democrats. "What's next in trying to suppress the Black choice?"

Democrats say West trying to siphon votes from Biden:

Democrats have expressed concerns that West, a Trump supporter, is trying to siphon votes from Joe Biden, a claim that West himself has bolstered.

At least five of his 10 electors are Republican activists or Trump supporters and the lawyer who helped file his paperwork is an attorney for the Trump campaign.


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