Wisconsin Authorities Name Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake, Say His Car Had a Knife

Authorities in Wisconsin released their version of events surrounding the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha three days after he was paralyzed in an encounter with police, CNN reports.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation said that the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute.

When officers arrived at the scene, they tried to arrest Blake and used a Taser on him.

After failing to stop Blake, he walked to his vehicle "opened the driver's side door, and leaned forward," the agency said.

Officer Rusten Sheskey, a seven-year veteran of the department, then shot Blake seven times, the agency said. No other officer fired their guns.

Agency says Blake’s car had a knife:

The agency said that Blake admitted to officers that he had a knife and officers recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of the vehicle.

The agency did not say Blake threatened to use the knife or why he was shot so many times in the back.

It does not mention that three of Blake’s young children were in the car and other relatives were standing just feet away.

Agency says Blake refused to leave:

The agency said the incident began when a woman called 911 to report that her “boyfriend was present and was not supposed to be on the premises.”

Blake was accused of taking the woman’s keys and refusing to leave. A dispatcher described him as “uncooperative.”

Blake was shot about five minutes after the initial report, according to the agency.

Sheskey and another officer have been placed on administrative leave.


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