Will They Ever Learn? The Left's Shrinking Influence In Our Society.

I maintain that the most important kind of diversity is diversity of thought. Regardless of our racial background, Americans need the freedom to think for themselves, form their own opinions, and have the ability to come up with new and innovative solutions to our challenges.

Only through that kind of diversity can we grow as a society. Even though I am a traditional conservative, I recognize the need for differing opinions within our political dialogue. When people are free to agree to disagree and can express their ideas in an open forum, we are able to put forth the best ideas for our nation.

But when pride gets in the way, or greed and self-serving agendas, even good ideas and intentions become corrupted. Those are the motives that helped form political parties, groups that aren't so much interested in preserving or promoting ideals, but protecting the power of a limited few. These interests often fly in the face of what average citizens care about.

I say all that, so you'll understand that I don't hate liberals, though I hate the Democratic Party. Americans are free to believe what they want to believe. Thanks to liberals we saw real change in the 1960's. The Civil Rights Act was passed (thanks to both conservatives and liberals) that helped eradicate generations of discrimination in our country.

There have been many smart and effective leaders who were liberal leaning. Most of them are dead. The problem, as I see it today, is that left-leaning politics- both good and bad- have been co-opted by motives that have nothing to do with making America a better place.

All you have to do is look at the election to see what I mean. The Democrats- desperate to hold onto the White House- were willing to elect a dangerous and dishonest woman. Say what you will about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton's record was so tarnished, so dark, that in earlier generations she wouldn't even have had a chance to run in the primaries.

Nixon was taken down for recording a few conversations in a hotel room. Today, the left were willing to give the presidency to a woman who conducted suspicious dealings with foreign powers through her Foundation, then deleted all the evidence when the Fed's asked for it.

That alone should have been enough for the DNC to reject her bid. Yet, when the time came to replace Barack Obama, the only person they could come up with was Clinton- because it was "her time." Bernie Sanders' rise was a complete anomaly. It shouldn't have happened. So the powers within the DNC sabotaged it.

Every well-meaning liberal in this country should feel betrayed by the Democrats. You should have had the best leader to represent you in the election. Instead, the corrupt powers that be installed a woman that couldn't possibly win over the rest of America.

Maybe Bernie could have won. We'll never know. Because the entity that is called "the left" has lost their way.

A group that once existed to fight injustice, secure equal rights for black Americans and women, and give power to the working class, has fallen very far.

A part of the problem is that they've already won most of their battles and have to search for new- less real- ones. Another part of the problem is that they've been infiltrated by corrupt, greedy, and unscrupulous forces that only wish to use liberalism as a tool to push their self-interests.

This has allowed all manner of destructive and toxic ideologies to seep into the party. When once they legitimately wanted to help victims of our society, they are now inventing victims to fight for.

How else can you explain this kind of stupidity?

On the heels of another terror attack on US soil (see BLAME THE GUNS? Ohio State ‘Shooter’ is Actually Knife-Wielding Somali…), the network ran a segment about Muslim women not feeling safe wearing their hijabs. Apparently it’s a real problem, what with all the Islamic rape culture Donald Trump.

Well, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota might have a solution…

Alisyn: Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim. Maybe it’s the way people shave their heads, you know, sometimes in solidarity with somebody who is going through something. (via Louder With Crowder)

This just might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard someone say on CNN- and that's saying something. Even Alisyn's co-host looked at her like she was crazy.

We are faced with a serious threat in the form of radical Islamic terrorism. This group of hate-filled people will not rest until every American- white, black, Christian, Jewish, and yes Muslim- are dead. Anyone that opposes their vile interpretation of Islam.  The only intelligent response to this threat is to fight back. Give them no quarter. Irradicate this disgusting group from the face of the earth.

The idiotic left seems to want to turn this group into another victim to protect. Before anyone can properly form an opinion or plan against these people, liberals are quick to defend all Muslims. Most people know that not all Muslims are responsible for ISIS and other terrorists, that's why we call it radical Islamic terrorism.

Liberals don't seem to be able to grasp that important distinction. So they want to defend all Muslims from this imaginary wave of hatred. In their efforts to protect these shrinking daffodils, they inadvertently end up protecting many that want to kill them.

But the left's disgraceful plunge into obscurity doesn't end there. In their attempts to pander to black Americans, they've indulged the divisive and hateful rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, which is responsible for numerous riots across America, not to mention the assassination of Dallas police officers.

Any reasonable person would distance themselves from this group, yet the left uses BLM for their own agenda. They don't care about the damage such radical activists inflict on our country, so long as it fits their politic needs.

That's why men like Tariq Nasheed can make comments almost defending the ISIS-inspired attack on Ohio State with virtually no impunity. He tried to twist a terrorist attack to make it look like another white police shooting of a black man.

The left encourages this kind of dishonest, nonsensical rhetoric because they know it will manipulate some people.

But there are signs that their duplicitous tactics are running out. Recently, Kellogg's Company fired shots against conservative news site Breitbart, saying "We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company." The company was clearly calling out Breitbart for its conservative tilt.

A campaign and petition have circulated to shoot back at the cereal company. #DumpKelloggs was trending on social media and the petition to boycott the company has already been signed by over 100,000 people- their stock is plummeting.

We are reaching a point where the left's divisive tactics are failing. For years they've relied on identity politics, virtue signaling, and a pyramid of victimhood to propel their agenda. Instead of facts, logic, and sensible solutions to our problems. Now more and more Americans are growing tired of their baseless attacks, slurs, and empty promises.

Hopefully, this is a sign that we as people are looking for real solutions and leadership to tackle our challenges. The American people will no longer tolerate manipulation and emotional pleas from Washington and other segments of our society.

Unless the left reforms, returning to upholding American values as the core of their politics, they will only continue to alienate more Americans from their platform. Who knows what they will look like in only four years time?

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