Why Do Liberals Embarrass Themselves?

Maybe saying "liberals" isn't the best word, given that I know a few liberals who are decent, relatively intelligent people (despite the fact we disagree on many issues). But the fact remains that the face of liberalism in America today is nothing like the sensible, very reasonable liberalism that existed in ages past.

Once upon a time, liberal values were something all Americans could get behind. Civil Rights was about protecting those Constitutional freedoms every American deserved. How could anyone deny that (and, truth be told, it wasn't a left vs. right fight). Today, the left seems to be a far cry from trailblazers like MLK.

Modern liberals that are represented by the mainstream media- the so-called social justice warriors, third-wave feminists, and racial activists like Black Lives Matter (not to mention the Democrats left in D.C.)- seem to be unable to help themselves in the embarrassment category. It seems like core values compel them to say or do the most ridiculous of things.

While the same can be said of conservatives from time to time- hey, I have my moments- I'm not writing that article. I welcome my liberal colleagues to do their research and put together a splendid montage. Plus the gaffs and nonsense that comes from conservative circles just aren't as entertaining and downright shocking as what flows from the ever-brown regions of the political far-left.

I mean, it's as if modern liberals have built careers out of being the most obnoxious, arrogant and navel-gazing segment of our society. Of any society, really, in all of history.

They seem to be so quick to jump to perceived offenses or to go along with the hive mind thoughts of their brain-dead professors and CNN overlords, that they unwittingly humiliate themselves. I don't think much of liberal politics, but regardless of what you believe, I'm a strong proponent of thinking for yourself.

Whether you are liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between (or nothing at all), if you came to that conclusion based on deeply-held beliefs that you spent time and effort studying and testing, then I'm all for it (unless you're a crook, then eff-off).

Yet the regressive left doesn't seem very interested in developing their own sense of personal conviction, nor do they base their values (if they have any) on their own ideas or identity, but on whatever's being spewed by Salon.com or the latest, trendy liberal outlet.

I'm reluctant to trawl out this video again, but it so very perfectly illustrates my point:

Two conservative men were able to infiltrate the Women's March, go anywhere they wanted, even approach the event's organizer without any form of vetting, simply because they were pretending to be gay crossdressers.

Did nobody, at any point, question these two strangers? Did they bother to check their ID's, or check their bags for weapons, or find their probing questions suspicious? Of course not. The empty-headed participants at the rally were more concerned with going topless than using the gray stuff between their ears. Because of that two outspoken conservative comedians/podcasters were able to make a video humiliating everyone.

Whether you like Steven Crowder or not, you can't escape the embarrassing reality of the situation. Had Steven and his buddy shown up dressed like straight men, in ball caps and jeans, the people would have been quick to question their motives. They would have even been stand-offish, given that they were strangers. Perhaps the ladies would have been hostile towards them. Masquerading as transgender, they had an open door.

I'm sure I'm not the only person seeing the massive security flaw in that kind of policy.

But that's only one example, though a good one, of what I'm trying to communicate to you. The liberals' current dogma of social justice and identity politics have created a sort of bizarre vacuum of stupidity. Holding to their convictions is more important than using their brain. Loyalty to the group hive mind takes precedent over their own opinions and ideas.

This is in stark contrast to many conservatives, especially those on the alt-right. Recently I questioned many of them for their quick rejection of President Trump over the Syria missile strike. While I wondered about their loyalty, their response was proof that they'd rather stick to their convictions rather than goosestep along with a leader who is doing something they think is wrong.

While I am still weighing the issue myself, the reaction of alt-righters is a sign that- to a certain extent- they are thinking for themselves and aren't blindly following the dogma of a party.

Not so with the left.

It's so bad, particularly among college students, that they've lost all sense of self-preservation. They think that President Trump- a man who's promised to put Americans first and protect their freedoms- is a greater threat than ISIS, a terrorist group that mutilates their captives.

Don't believe me? Here:

This is largely the mainstream media's fault, for spending so much time demonizing an American president, while downplaying the horrific actions of a group whose goal it is to destroy Western civilization. This is what ISIS did during the Paris hostage attack:

The French government has been accused of covering up the barbaric torture of victims of the Islamic State (IS) attacks on Paris in November...

The President of the Committee said, “the Committee is troubled by this information which has appeared nowhere [in the media]”, adding: “Thus, the father of one of the victims sent me a copy of a letter he sent to the investigating judge, which I quote in summary:

“On the causes of the death of my son A, at the forensic institute in Paris, I was told, and what a shock it was for me at that moment, they had cut off his testicles, had put them in his mouth, and he was disemboweled. (via Breitbart)

But it's Trump that's the real problem. Right.

Perhaps many of these college students are lulled into a false sense of security in thinking that such attacks will never happen to them. Despite the fact that recent attacks have happened on college campuses. But the real danger here is the ongoing dogma by the left that Trump is a bigot, sexist, racist, and xenophobe and any consideration for his agenda and goals for this country must be opposed at all costs.

The hate is so strong, that when asked a very obvious question, these morons answer that Trump is worse than ISIS.

This kind of knee jerk stupidity is very common on social media, where liberals go to virtue signal up a storm.

Mother Jones magazine’s Editor in Chief has accused the “tomahawk” missiles that were fired at Syrian airbase last week of cultural appropriation that “must enrage a lot of Native Americans”.

Clara Jeffery a prominent editor at the liberal magazine tweeted over the weekend that the name “tomahawk” given to missiles is cultural appropriation of Native American culture.

“That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans [sic],” she tweeted.

Her ill-thought-out tweet invited almost universal mockery on Twitter, some pointing out the actual history behind the name. “The war tomahawk was actually a British invention,” tweeted Sean Gallagher. (via Louder with Crowder)

Uh, what? So instead of arguing over the validity of the United States attacking Syria- a legitimate topic of conversation for both liberals and conservatives- this Mother Jones editor (the Editor in Chief) complains about the name of the missiles? It's so stupid it's almost hilarious. She was so quick to get offended for a group she is not a part of, that she exposed her own ignorance of the facts.

Apparently the "war tomahawk" was modeled after British weapons and is not at all an "appropriation." But that's beside the point. I doubt many tribal peoples in America are really up at night worried about how the military is appropriating their terminology. They have far more pressing concerns, like putting food on the table.

This privileged liberal publisher has no problem complaining about a non-issue. So much so that she didn't pause to consider whether what she was complaining about was even real.

This is what happens when you put manufactured indignation over basic common sense and logic. I know that not everything conservatives say will be gold. I know that not everything Donald Trump is going to do or say will be right.

For instance, I was disappointed with CPAC for quickly withdrawing their invitation to Milo over the fabricated allegations of pedophilia. The facts were in Milo's favor, yet the very traditional, very conservative event wanted to protect their asses instead of standing behind their speaker. Not cool.

So I reserve my right to hold them accountable, even dissent from the pack when needed. That does not seem to be a thing that many far left people are willing to do. Thinking for themselves, disagreeing with the majority, or even questioning the dogma of their leaders is verboten. You either stay in line, or you will be rejected with extreme prejudice.

More and more traditional, classical liberals are discovering this and are leaving the fold. It's hard to argue with them, when they have these kinds of people in their ranks:

I mean, come on guys. You’re not winning over crowds with antics like that.

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