Why Adults Should Pay For Their Own Birth Control

Writers at The Hill recently posted an obnoxious piece emphasizing the costs of birth control and lamenting over the fact that under President Trump’s contraception rule, many people will likely have to fund their own birth control. The horror! Their argument is that birth control qualifies as healthcare and people are entitled to have their employers or universities fund their healthcare.

The fact that so many people view paying for their own birth control as an egregious act of tyranny merely speaks to how far we’ve fallen as a nation. These are grown adults complaining because they believe their birth control will be “ripped away from them.”

When America learned of the new contraception rule, progressives were irate. They took to social media, tweeting out misguided beliefs that birth control is owed to them. “#HandsOffMyBC” trended for hours. Ironically, this is exactly what’s happening. People are quite literally removing their hands from birth control. If these individuals want birth control, they can buy it themselves. Nobody is stopping them. Nobody is telling them they can’t get birth control, but that’s not good enough because liberals believe everything ought to be handed to them.

Liberals are the most entitled, out-of-touch people in America. Nothing in life is free. Someone always foots the bill. How long will progressives continue to deny this truth? They continue to talk about how unaffordable birth control is. Perhaps they should budget accordingly. Maybe they should cut back on some extras. This is how personal responsibility works.

In addition to censuring President Trump’s contraception rule, which will benefit many businesses and employers, they also questioned his respect for women in this excerpt:

“The Washington Post recently found that President Trump said more than 20 times since his campaign began that he respects women. There is not enough evidence to convict him of that. He should put his words into action by realizing that respecting women means trusting them to protect their health and safety and to plan their families.”

This insinuation is problematic on many fronts. First and foremost, choosing not to force employers to fund women’s birth control is a very far cry from not respecting women. In fact, the two aren’t even close. This mandate is about personal responsibility, not disrespecting women. Secondly, perhaps women should respect themselves enough to buy their own birth control. Perhaps women should not depend on the government for something they deem to be essential. Women have to take some responsibility. This isn’t about President Trump; this is about accountability.

“This is not a controversial issue, an estimated 77 percent of women and 64 percent of men support providing contraception care at no cost,” reads yet another troublesome excerpt from The Hill.

The production of any item requires time and resources. There is always a cost, and nobody is going to work for free. Things of value cost money. That money has to be paid to secure the product. Progressives claim this isn’t fair, but truthfully, it’s extremely fair. Production costs time, resources, energy and in exchange the creators receive monetary compensation. Women value birth control, so they pay a fee and receive ownership of the desired product. This is the real world. This is supply and demand. The sooner women get on board, the better off they’ll be. No excuses.

At the end of the day, the leftist mainstream media has played a significant role in the flagrant lack of personal responsibility existing among so many of today’s Americans. Grown adults should always be expected to fund their own birth control. The burden should not fall on employers. Feminists and progressives laud the merits of female empowerment, yet want the government to fund their birth control. This makes no sense. True empowerment is the ability to fund one's own birth control without throwing a fit. Liberation and strength are not derived from dependence. The women who are kicking and screaming over having to pay for their birth control have a very long way to go before becoming the strong, independent women they assert themselves as.

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