Who is Donald Trump?

As Plato once said, Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge. This brings me to an all important question: Who is Donald Trump? For anyone who follows keenly the political tussle ongoing for the seat of the president of the United States of America, the name Donald Trump cannot even be new. It is in fact a household name.

Then I ask myself, who is Donald Trump? Donald Trump is an American business man born in 1946 in New York City. Personally, I initially knew him as a television personality in a reality television show (The Apprentice) before his political career started out. Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee for the President of the United States in the elections coming up later this year. He is a very successful personality in the business world as he at one time was listed by Forbes as being among the world’s wealthiest 500 billionaires. Trump has also been noted for his avid use of the social media platforms most especially for the purpose of his campaign. On countless occasions, I have seen Donald Trump trend on twitter sometimes for the right reasons other times for the wrong reasons.

What is his desire? An interesting fact about Donald Trump is the massive media coverage his campaign has garnered over the last few months, his ideologies and analysis of real life situation has also over the months generated a lot of heated debates in households, offices and I daresay even churches! Trump has been seen to have made largely controversial statements the major ones being his opinion on creating stronger or say stricter immigration laws, temporarily banning Muslims from entering the United States (he thereafter) contended that he insinuated countries with proven history of terrorism . He has on countless occasions without mincing words, shared his thoughts with regards to the administration of President Barack Obama. He has on some occasions commented about Mexico and has established his desire to build in his own words ‘a great wall along the southern border that Mexico will pay for 100%’.

Are his ideologies based on pure emotions? Donald Trump has granted lots of interviews and has participated in lots of TV shows prior to and now for the purpose of his campaign. To what extent can he be said to have addressed the issues especially ones that are pressing on the mind of every average American. It is a common knowledge that the United States of America is not only made up of white persons as many races yes! Many races make up the population of the States. Now to the blacks residing in the states, they would be wondering if Mr Trump plans on ‘stricter of stronger’ gun control laws to attack the issue of deaths arising from the improper use of guns which in recent times has caused a lot of issues for not only to the black community but for the white persons as well. This is only one of the numerous issues tormenting the brain of an inhabitant of the United States of America. Will Mr President make his focus basically about illegal immigrants or he will attack the problems within the country with equal force? Bearing in mind the words of Plato, I ask how knowledgeable is Mr. Trump? With regards to his political ambition

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