Where Are The Facts? The Left Needs To Grow Up

I know what it feels like to have a president you don't like. After all, I'm a conservative and had to endure eight years of radical social justice and identity politics in the White House. But even though I didn't vote for Barack Obama, I at least had the maturity to acknowledge him as my president and hoped he succeeded.

But today, liberals are too childish to do the same.

Since Donald Trump's amazingly epic victory on November 8, 2016, segments on the left have refused to accept the fact that he is our president. Now, some of that is expected. Every election there are losers, people who are crushed (to a certain extent) over their candidate's loss. But there comes a time when you need to just suck it up and move on with your life.

Have liberals been doing that? Nope!

Immediately following the election, MoveOn.org mobilized protests. Some people hadn't even heard the results of the election yet, but this professional group of protesters had already released a statement, calling the President-elect misogynistic, racist, Islamaphobic, and xenophobic. They are entitled to their opinions, wrong as they are, but a protest? Just after a free and open election took place?

Once those were done, we started hearing about a recount. This was launched by Jill Stein, a third party candidate with nothing to gain, but people close to Clinton's campaign were monitoring it as well. The end result, of course, did not alter the results of the election. In fact, in some states, Trump picked up more votes.

Then we had the whole Russian "hacking" debacle. This is something that is still going on. At first, the left wanted us to believe that Russian agents hacked into John Podesta's email in a complex and needlessly elaborate attempt to undermine Clinton's chances at winning. We were to believe this was because of a relationship with Trump that has never been established. Some outlets made wilder claims, some saying Russia was hacking our power grid, others that Trump likes to party in Moscow.

This was all just a big case of sour grapes. Clinton lost, fair and square, largely because of voters' mistrust of her character, resentment over Obama, and Trump's outsider status. As well as many other factors. Pick which one you like.

None of it had anything to do with Russia (considering Hillary had a much closer relationship with Putin than anyone else).

After that started, we heard about some ill-conceived campaign by Hollywood elitists trying to bully the Electoral College in not voting for Trump. This one really had me puzzled. I understand why actors would try to manipulate us before an election, as Joss Whedon did. But trying to undermine the very foundation of our democratic system? It's ludicrous. (And that's not mentioning the petition and the death threats.)

I'd like to sit down with Martin Sheen and ask him why he embarrassed himself in such a way. He's a smart man, I'm sure. He surely should know that the electorate would never violate the will of the voting public. That's never happened in our 200+ year history- and never will.

But this is the extent of the mania currently gripping some Democrats. Not all of them, but very many outspoken ones. They are so befuddled by the election of an outsider, so shocked that millions of Americans would reject Hillary Clinton (and by extension, Obama) that they'd vote for a business mogul turned TV star turned politician. They refuse to look past their liberal bias and consider that maybe, just maybe, Americans really believed Trump was the best man for the job.

Instead, they just say we're all sexist and racist. Because, you know, that's how you win people over: with insults!

Now my ranting here may be considered insulting to some, but I'm just laying out the facts. I'm trying to understand why liberals are lashing out so irrationally. And I'm backing up my claims with actual evidence, unlike irresponsible comedians like Patton Oswalt.

All those above efforts to stop Trump from entering the White House failed- largely because they had no power to change the fact that he won. But liberals still press on, despite reality or evidence. It's truly their greatest strength: pressing on despite logic, common sense, or intelligence.

#DisruptJ20 was an effort- supported by agitator Michael Moore- to stop the Inauguration from happening. I'm not sure how a bunch of angry anarchists were supposed to stop the 200-year tradition of installing a fairly-elected President from taking place, but there you have it. Over 200 people were arrested for rioting. The only thing they accomplished was the destruction of a Muslim immigrant's limo.  Good job!

Then, of course, there are the sporadic protests against Trump's travel ban. Not sure why they chose that order to protest, considering the president's been moving faster than a teen couple on prom night. You'd think his measure to build the wall would have brought protests along the Mexican border (I really hope protestors show up on construction day, I really do), or his dismantling of funding for Obamacare, or the Mexico City Policy, or his ban on lobbying.  For some reason, liberals are choosing to die on this hill.

News flash guys: the order will be taken to the Supreme Court and most likely upheld. Trump's got legal precedent on his side. Instead of fighting over a temporary ban, you should have been trying to convince the president to help refugees and victims of war. Instead, you made him an enemy, and you will lose.

Now I can understand how powerless and helpless the left is feeling these days. They had eight wonderful years of a president that just swallowed whatever empty-headed social justice cause they put forward. But reality has finally come back to America, and things are changing.

But it's still America guys, the land of the free and home of the brave (most of whom are conservative). If you really think President Trump is so bad that he's going to turn this into Nazi Germany (first you should read your history books and the Constitution) you need to relax.

Our Bill of Rights is still intact. We still have unprecedented power and freedom, compared to the rest of the world. Minorities, women, and gays still have more opportunities and privilege in this country than anywhere else. President Trump has no intention of eroding 200 years of freedom and progress, just maybe the toxic Socialist policies that have been doing that for decades.

But if you are really convinced- despite all logic and fact- that Trump's a tyrant and is about to destroy American, you're better off just leaving.

I mean, seriously, if he really is the terrible guy you and the media are claiming him to be, why haven't you packed your bags already? Why haven't all those celebrities moved to Canada by now, or Cuba, since they seemed to have more respect for Castro than our president? Why not Summer in Saudi Arabia for a while, or France- where migrants are burning cities to the ground. Why not actually leave this country, if Trump is so terrible?

On that token, if Trump is so bad, why haven't we all died by now? Surely he should be planning a war with Iran or Russia. Nukes should be flying every which way. Muslims and gays should be rounded up by now (as some of you seem to think would happen) and shipped off to prison or something.

Oh, wait. That's not happening. All your radical predictions were complete bullshit. But maybe it will happen. Maybe vile Lord Trump is just biding his time. His cabinet of wretches isn't in place, after all.  Just give it a few more months, eh?

You should probably leave now, while the roads are clear and planes still in the air.

Not leaving? Of course not. What are you really going to do? Oh, yeah. Not pay your taxes. Smart.

Andrew Newman always pays his taxes, even if he hates what the government is doing with them. But not this year. For him, Donald Trump is the dealbreaker...

Newman is not alone. A nascent movement has been detected to revive the popularity of tax resistance...

“My tax money will be going towards putting up a wall on the Mexican border instead of helping sick people. It will contribute to the destruction of the environment and maybe more nuclear weapons." (via The Guardian)

Once again liberals prove they have more ego than brain cells.  You know what you shouldn't do when refusing to pay taxes? ANNOUNCE IT TO EVERYONE. That's a really good way to make sure the government is going to come and get you.

Let's look at the irony of liberals not paying their taxes. Do they really expect all those bloated government agencies and programs they like to pay for themselves? How do you think Obamacare gets funded, or Welfare and Medicare for that matter? All those illegal immigrants they want to keep here; how do you think their public school education gets paid?

I love Newman's excuse for not paying his taxes. He cites the border wall, which hasn't even been built yet. He's willing to make that his priority: a wall that will keep criminals out of the country. Really? That's your top priority, illegal immigrants? Not issues that affect you on a daily basis, like the rising crime in your city, or the decline of American infrastructure. Maybe corporate tax that might cost you your job. No, the border wall should be a liberal's first problem.

Then he makes the baseless claim that President Trump will make more nuclear weapons. Based on what? His continued assertion to that we have too many already? Or his criticism of our out-of-date systems that manage nukes? Where is the evidence that he will make more?

Not a single president has vowed to make more nukes since the 50's.

And is this 1985? Since when are we worried about nukes? We haven't used a nuke since 1945- because the world is terrified of what they can do. This statement belies Newman's rampant ignorance and willingness to invent accusations against a man he does not like.

He goes on to say this:

"I think there will be a redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy elite and Trump’s campaign for the working man and woman was an absolute fraud."

Again, where is the evidence back this claim? Time and again we see Trump critics and liberals making things up to justify their opposition to the president. Newman doesn't point to any evidence of his conspiratorial belief that the middle class is going to lose money to the rich. He even has to protect his claim by saying Trump's support of the working man was "an absolute fraud."

Based on what? We've already seen how Trump negotiated with Carrier and Ford, among many others, to bring jobs back to the country. Many jobs. He's been president for a month, and the job market looks good.  Where is this liberal basing his accusations?

This is why I get so aggressive in my decrying of the left. Democrats can be a force for good, a force that protects Civil Rights, equality, and justice for all. They can make sure women get paid what they're worth and ensure black people and minorities aren't being discriminated against. Yet today liberals have given up their noble goals to pursue fantasies. They have rejected facts, evidence, and plain common sense to promote their campaign against our President and regular Americans.

That kind of stupidity has gone on long enough. Time to grow up libs. We're all waiting for you.

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