WeWork Founder Adam Neumann Helped Jared Kushner Create Middle East Peace Plan: Report

WeWork founder Adam Neumann helped White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner craft his Middle East peace plan, Vanity Fair reports.

Neumann, who built the co-working giant into a company valued at $47 billion by investors before bringing it to the verge of bankruptcy and being ousted with a $1.7 billion payout after the valuation fell by $40 billion, is a longtime associate of Kushner, whose company rented out major office space to WeWork.

The two were so close, in fact, that WeWork executives were “shocked” to discover that Neumann was helping Kushner with his plan last summer.

Neumann tasked a company executive with finding a firm to produce a slick video for Kushner that would show how Palestinian areas could look after an economic infusion.

Kushner showed a version of the video while presenting the plan in Bahrain last year.

Neumann said he and Jared would save the world:

Neumann, who made wild declarations like vowing to be the first president of the world and the first ever trillionaire, told associates that he believed three people could save the world: Kushner, himself, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

After the CIA concluded that MBS likely ordered the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khasshogi, Neumann told former George W. Bush national security adviser Stephen Hadley that “everything could be worked out if bin Salman had the right mentor.”

When Hadley, confused by the remark, asked who Neumann had in mind, the WeWork founder replied, “Me.”

Neumann slammed for golden parachute as company lays off thousands:

Neumann received a $1.7 billion payout to leave his company after bringing it to the brink of total collapse.

As the company seeks to restructure, WeWork announced that it would lay off 2,400 employees.

"WeWork is laying off 2,400 employees — while its founder walks away with a massive $1.7 billion golden parachute," tweeted Sen. Elizabeth Warren. "This is another example of a rigged and corrupt system."


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