Videos: Cops Around US Target Journalists During Protests

Dozens of journalists across the country were arrested, shot at with rubber bullets, and targeted with tear gas by police during protests over the death of George Floyd.


A reporter for WAVE News in Louisville, Kentucky was targeted by a cop and shot with rubber bullets live on the air.

The police department said it was still trying to identify the officer and apologized for the attack. The department vowed discipline.

Des Moines:

A Des Moines Register reporter was arrested, zip-tied, and held overnight while reporting on the protests. She continued to report after her arrest.

New York:

A CNN commentator and a HuffPost reporter were among hundreds arrested in New York. Attorney General Letitia James said she was looking into the arrests of journalists.


Video showed police in Minneapolis shooting objects at journalists and tackling them to the ground even after they identified themselves as members of the media. 

A Los Angeles reporter said Minnesota state troopers fired tear gas at reporters at point-blank range.

Los Angeles:

A radio reporter in Los Angeles tweeted that the LAPD shot her with rubber bullets as she held her press badge.


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