Video of Mike Bloomberg Praising Harvey Weinstein Comes Back to Haunt Him After Rape Conviction

A group supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders recirculated a video of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg praising disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein after his rape conviction.

“Here's @MikeBloomberg using the power of public office to honor Harvey Weinstein. Want to know how people will be President? Look at how they've used their power in the past,” the group People for Bernie tweeted on Monday.

“It’s a pleasure to give these ‘Made in New York’ awards to the prides of Flushing, in alphabetical order, Bob and Harvey Weinstein,” Bloomberg says in the video.

Bloomberg vows to defend banks in new leak:

Another recording leaked from a 2016 speech Bloomberg gave at a Goldman Sachs event showed Bloomberg vowing to “defend the banks.”

"Well, to start, my first campaign platform would be to defend the banks, and you know how well that's gonna sell in this country," he said, before later telling the crowd of bankers that “these are my peeps.”

A Bloomberg spokesman said the comment was a joke but the former mayor defended banks at length.

"A healthy banking system that's going to take risks because that's what creates the jobs for everybody. And nobody's willing to say that," he said. "The trouble is, these campaigns in this day and age, really are about slogans and not about issues anymore. And in this election you're going to see people are voting and they either love or hate, mostly hate both, but who you hate the least. That's what they're going to vote for. And they're not going to vote on issues."

"Anytime we've had this before, society blows up and they do set up the guillotines and the guillotines don't have to chop your head off," he added. "They could be confiscatory taxes, they could be seizing the endowments of uh, educational institutions and um, philanthropic organizations, all of which those proposals are out there. You know, you're going to have to do something about this income inequality and a lot of it comes from zero interest rates."

Bloomberg trashes Obama, Warren:

Asked about the rise of the far-right in Europe, Bloomberg responded that the “progressive movement is just as scary.”

"Elizabeth Warren on one side. And whoever you want to pick on the Republicans on the right side?"

Bloomberg also said he believed Mitt Romney would have been a better president than Obama.

"The second Obama election I wrote a very backhanded endorsement of Obama," Bloomberg said. "Saying I thought he hadn't done the right thing, hadn't done, hadn't been good at things that I think are important and Romney would be a better person at doing that. But Romney did not stick with the values that he had when he was governor of Massachusetts."


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