Verrit: What The Hell Is Hillary Thinking?

The Hillary Clinton “Blame Everyone But My Own Terrible Campaign And Policies Tour” continues, and I wish to hell it would stop.

The first stop is her forthcoming book What Happened; the book hasn’t yet been released, but in the excerpts currently making the rounds, Hillary once again attempts to excuse her disastrous showing in the 2016 election by pointing fingers everywhere but at her own campaign.

This time around, Clinton has taken direct aim at Senator Bernie Sanders, essentially accusing Sanders of torpedoing her campaign with his “attacks” during the Democratic primary; not only that, but Clinton also blames Sanders for Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” attacks. From the book: “[Sanders’] attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

That’s right: Hillary Clinton cites Bernie Sanders as the reason she was unable to refute Donald Trump’s assertion that she was in the pocket of special interests. (Not for nothing, but if you can’t convince people that you’re more honest than Donald Trump, perhaps it’s time to get out of politics.) Sanders didn’t “attack” her; he merely pointed out her record as a legislator.

It’s a recitation of the same old song and dance from Clinton, and it’s also incredibly hypocritical—in 2008, Hillary’s campaign circulated a picture of then-Senator Obama in a turban to not-so-subtly imply that Obama was secretly a Muslim. But how dare Sanders talk about Hillary’s policy positions? All things considered, Sanders ran a remarkably clean campaign, but Hillary didn’t want a campaign. She wanted a coronation.

But the tour isn’t done there.

On Tuesday, the world got its first glimpse of Verrit, a pro-Hillary site founded by Clinton sycophant Peter Daou. Anointing itself “Media For The 65.8 Million,” the site is… honestly, I’m not even sure what to call it. It’s not “media” so much as it’s a collection of random quotes that people can use on Twitter when they chastise Donald Trump in the replies to every one of his tweets.

Since it’s hard to explain, I suggest taking a (very) quick trip to the site. Clicking on the titles above each of the quotes leads you to an “article” that is, in essence, just more quotes about the same topic. Verrit is media for people who don’t feel like finding information on their own, made by people who don’t feel like adding anything new to the discussion.

Almost immediately after its launch, the site came under fire for being less of a media outlet than a carefully curated selection of Clinton-esque talking points. (Politico lambasted the site for looking “like North Korean Agitprop.”) For his part, Daou was both astonished and offended on behalf of women everywhere to find that the public is not interested in hearing from Clinton or anyone in her orbit.

This, of course, is exactly how Clinton and her surrogates seem to view the world: everyone who disagrees with them is suffering from some deep-seated hatred for women in general or Hillary in particular. Daou’s response on Twitter to the backlash said as much: “People like [Chapo Trap House, a popular progressive/leftist podcast] and [The Young Turks] make a living echoing anti-Hillary themes that marginalize women & POC. Harms us all.”

This response is typical of Clinton and her surrogates; the same woman who once indirectly referred to black youths as “superpredators” will deploy identity politics and “Think of the POC!” at the drop of a hat if criticized. She’ll be on your side if it makes her look good; she’ll take up your cause just as long as polling data indicates she needs to be to get your vote. After that, you’re on your own.

Clinton supporters will argue that Verrit is a valuable addition to the #Resistance, and that no liberal should have a problem with the site. The aim of the site is fine, if ultimately toothless; the problem is the people promoting it and their motives for doing so. If Hillary were truly committed to change, she wouldn’t blame Bernie Sanders for her loss—she would mend fences with him in pursuit of a goal far greater than her own ambitions. If Peter Daou truly wanted to serve as a voice for those marginalized under the Trump campaign, he would listen to their feedback instead of collapsing into paroxysms of hysteria at the first sign of criticism. But they’re not, so they won’t.

You would think that enough terrible shit has happened in Trump’s first term to justify moving on from the 2016 election; what’s done is done, and there’s no sense reigniting the argument that Hillary would’ve been a better president. The only people still fighting that particular battle are the people who can afford to do so because Trump’s policies don’t affect them.

This is a privilege enjoyed by a rapidly-shrinking group of people who pretend to value equality for all, yet do little to champion that goal in any meaningful way. This strain of liberalism is particularly pernicious; it makes overtures to progressive values when it is convenient and easy to do so, but has no qualms about abandoning those values in favor of self-preservation. And Hillary Clinton is the face of it.

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