University Teacher Refuses To Call On White Male Students

The American education system continues to go down the drain as more and more radical progressives infiltrate it. Reports from The Daily Wire state that University of Pennsylvania’s teaching assistant Stephanie McKellop is essentially refusing to call on white male students during class. Her exact words are as follows:

“I will always call on my Black women students first. Other [people of color] get second tier priority. WW come next. And, if I have to, white men.”

She posted this on Twitter, and it unsurprisingly engendered understandable outrage. McKellop has since set her account to private, but her message is still out there. Teachers like McKellop are ruining America’s youth and the education system.

Imagine the outrage if McKellop’s protocol were in reverse. Imagine if a university teacher said “I will always call on my white male students first. After that, I’ll call on white women. People of color will be the third priority. If I absolutely have to, then I’ll call on black women students.”

Liberals would be irate. The entire nation would be flooded with angry protesters holding up signs denouncing racism, and the mainstream media would never let it go. However, progressives don’t see an issue with openly discriminating against white males due to their misguided belief that white men have inherent privileges, power, or whatever else that people of color supposedly don’t have. Liberals claim to be against racism, but refusing to call on a group of students simply because of their race is the epitome of racism, and sadly they’re too inept to understand this.

McKellop and other progressives like her embody every single complaint that conservatives make about identity politics. Instead of treating Americans as Americans, progressives categorize and single out people according to their race and what they look like. Yet, they turn around and claim that Republicans are racist. Republicans aren’t the ones refusing to call on students because of what they look like.

Progressives don’t truly believe that hard work pays off. Progressives are politically reliant on division and race baiting. They wouldn’t have a platform without these two things.

University of Pennsylvania is under a moral obligation to fire McKellop immediately. An individual with such racism and hatred in her heart has no business running a classroom. Her ideologies are toxic and will only sow anger and resentment in the hearts of students.

Teachers have an obligation to treat all students equally, a feat that McKellop is obviously incapable of. If the University of Pennsylvania continues to employ this woman, they will be sending a clear message that they support her racist and divisive ways.

Where is the left wing denouncement? Each time a Republican gets in trouble, progressives immediately call for conservatives to disavow, so now they should follow suit.

McKellop asserts that her racist teaching ways were inspired by a professor who taught her when she was in undergraduate school, and it’s a prime example of why McKellop should not be allowed to teach anymore. Will her discrimination prompt one of her current students to follow in her footstep? It’s a vicious cycle that must be stopped at all costs.

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