Two House Democrats Urge Party Members to Switch to GOP to Vote For Liz Cheney

Two House Democrats this week urged fellow party members in Wyoming to switch parties so they can help Rep. Liz Cheney, The Washington Examiner reports.

Cheney, arguably the most prominent Republican Trump critic that he targeted with a primary challenger, faces the toughest race of her career after joining the House Jan. 6 committee.

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat, this week cut an ad urging Wyoming Democrats to switch parties so they can help push Cheney to the finish line.

"You might be a little surprised that I'd be supporting Liz Cheney in her bid to continue representing Wyoming in the U.S. House," Phillips says in the video.

"It's far more important than any policy differences we might have," Phillips said, adding that a vote for Cheney will be "sending a very clear message to Donald Trump, and protecting our democracy."

Malinowski too:

New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski also recorded a video urging Democratic voters to consider “temporarily switching parties” on behalf of Cheney.

“Liz Cheney and I don’t agree on everything,” Malinowski said in the ad. “But we’re on the same side today, fighting for a country where we settle our differences by voting, not violence.”

Cheney all in on Dem support:

Cheney herself has sent out mailers that include instructions for Democrats in the state to switch parties ahead of next week’s primary.

But it’s unclear there’s enough Democrats in Wyoming willing to switch over to help Cheney win.

Cheney is facing former ally Harriet Hageman, who was endorsed by Trump, and a large field of other challengers.

The latest poll in the race showed Hageman leading Cheney 52-30.


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