#TrumpNation: This is Not a Drill

By 3:30 am on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the world completely changed forever: business tycoon and former reality television show host Mr. Donald Trump became the next President of the United States of America. He strikingly defeated Democratic presidential nominee and expected winner Hillary Clinton in one of the most stunning upsets in American political history.

Basically, Donald Trump pulled off the impossible: having no political experience, being knee-deep in sexual harassment scandals and becoming a punching bag for many late-night television hosts did not stop the controversial public figure, millionaire, business executive and celebrity from becoming the new Ruler of the Free World.

As CNN states, “Donald Trump's election victory proved -- once and for all -- that 2016 was the year that everything the political class thought it knew was wrong” (http://cnn.it/2fydqAK).

Not only did the controversial Republican candidate manage to beat all his opponents on both sides, the Republican party took over the Senate and the House… a reality that no political correspondent nor election expert predicted (http://cnn.it/2fydqAK). Now, Trump will work with Congress that is completely under his control (http://bit.ly/2ekCEFv). 

Although Hillary won the popular vote, Trump managed to take over key battleground states. These included Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan. He even managed to win Pennsylvania back, a state
“that had not backed a Republican for president since 1988” (http://bit.ly/2ekCEFv).  Clinton successfully won over California, Washington and New York, but these victories were not enough for her and the Democrats in the end.

Once Trump captured Wisconsin, he received the ten electoral votes that put him over the now infamous 270 lucky number, securing his presidency (http://bit.ly/2ekCEFv). 

After the news broke that Mr. Donald Trump would be America’s 45th president, people in the United States and worldwide began to grieve and mourn. Thousands expressed their disappointment, anger and confusion on social media.  Protests in Washington and around the United States demanded Trump to be ousted as president. Even Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website crashed as the polls indicated Trump’s shocking victory and dominance.

Now that the most bizarre election in recent history concluded with the most shocking victory ever, what happens now?

The entire world will be intensely watching the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. We will see if Trump sticks to his plan by building the infamous wall. We will see if Obamacare is repealed, and if Abortion rights are thrown away. We will see if NAFTA is either completely changed or erased. And we will see if he can truly “Make America Great Again”.

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