Trump Won’t Commit to Keeping AG Barr in Second Term: “I’m Not Happy”

President Donald Trump said that he is “not happy” with Attorney General Bill Barr and would not commit to keeping him on in a potential second term, The New York Post reports.

Trump was asked whether Barr would stay on during an interview with Newsmax.

"Can't comment on that. It's too early. I'm not happy, with all of the evidence I had, I can tell you that. I am not happy," Trump said.

Barr’s “unmasking” probe came up empty:

The comment came after an “unmasking” investigation into the Obama administration’s handling of the Russia probe ended without any charges or a public report.

Barr also appointed US Attorney John Durham to investigate the Russia probe but recently told Republican lawmakers that the findings would not be released in time for the election.

Trump said earlier this month, before the news, that he would be “either the greatest attorney general in the history of the country” or would “go down” in a “very sad situation” for failing to bring charges against his political enemies like Hillary Clinton.

Trump not happy with Pompeo either:

Trump made similar comments about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as he pressured the State Department to release Clinton’s emails.

“They’re in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo has been unable to get them out, which is very sad, actually,” Trump told Fox News this month.

“I’m not happy about him for that reason. He was unable to get them out. I don’t know why. You’re running the State Department, you get them out,” he added.

Pompeo responded by vowing to release the emails before the election.

“We’re doing it as fast as we can. I certainly think there’ll be more to see before the election,” he said.


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