Trump Suggests He May Pardon Roger Stone Before He’s Set to Start Prison Stint Next Week

President Donald Trump hinted that he may grant a pardon to longtime adviser Roger Stone before his scheduled prison stint next week.

The Justice Department on Thursday told a judge that Stone should report to prison next week despite his concerns over the coronavirus.

Stone had asked for the prison stint to be delayed until September.

Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to Congressional investigators about his contacts with Wikileaks in the Russia probe.

Stone pleads for pardon:

Stone told Fox News that he has a “lifelong history of asthma” and fears getting sick.

“I’m praying” that Trump will offer some sort of clemency, he said. Whether it’s a pardon or commutation, “either one obviously would have an effect, in my opinion, of saving my life.”

“I think I’ll be the last person to know,” he said when asked if he thinks it will happen. “He hates leaks, and he hates to be told what to do. I have instructed my lawyers not to contact the lawyers at the White House."

“The president, who I’ve known for 40 years, has an incredible sense of fairness,” he added. “He is aware that the people trying to destroy Michael Flynn, now trying to destroy me, are the people trying to destroy him.”

Trump says Stone’s prayers may be answered:

"If you say he's praying, his prayer may be answered," Trump told radio host Howie Carr on Thursday. "Let's see what happens."

"He was framed. He was treated horrible. He was treated so badly," Trump claimed, calling Stone a “good person” and a “character.’


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