Trump Sues Nevada Over Plan to Send Mail Ballots to All Registered Voters

President Donald Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit over Nevada’s plan to send mail ballots to every voter ahead of the November elections, The Nevada Independent reports.

The campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the Nevada Republican Party filed a lawsuit after the state approved a bill over the weekend to send out ballots just as it did during its June primary.

“The RNC has a vital interest in protecting the ability of Republican voters to cast, and Republican candidates to receive, effective votes in Nevada elections and elsewhere,” the suit says. “Major or hasty changes confuse voters, undermine confidence in the electoral process, and create incentive to remain away from the polls.”

The lawsuit asks a judge to block the law because it “upends Nevada’s election laws and requires massive changes in election procedures and processes, makes voter fraud and other ineligible voting inevitable.”

“Many of AB4’s provisions are head-scratching — particularly given the stark irregularities in Nevada’s June 2020 primary election, and because AB4 changes so many election laws so close to the 2020 general election,” the lawsuit says.

Suit takes aim at provisions:

The suit claims that the state unconstitutionally extended the deadline for ballots received up to three days after Election Day, which the plaintiffs say “effectively extends the congressionally established Election Day.”

The suit also says that the bill is too restrictive of in-person voting.

“This lack of uniform standards to be applied across counties means that Nevada counties will necessarily adopt different procedures for processing and counting ballots, which could produce differences in rejection rates,” the complaint says.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak dismissed Trump’s complaints about the bill as “crazy, quite frankly.”

“We're very, very confident about the legality of what we've passed,” he told NPR. “It's my job to ensure that people don't have to choose between their health and the ability to vote, exercise their right to vote, and that's what we intend to do in November.”

Democrats say Trump is worried he’ll lose:

"Donald J. Trump has no integrity and no scruples. That's why he's lying about our state leaders and threatening a bogus lawsuit simply because Democrats made it easier for people to vote," said former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "His desperate tweets are the clearest sign he knows he's going to lose in November."

"This bill ensures that every person who wants to exercise their constitutional right to vote can do so," Nevada state Sen. Pat Spearman told MSNBC. "Mr. Trump, we won't be intimidated ... Nevadans are not afraid of you."


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