Trump To Remove Affirmative Action From College Admissions

Reports from the New York Times indicate that colleges may no longer be permitted to engage in affirmative action when considering whether or not to admit certain students. Certain universities will be probed, and possibly sued, if they have purposefully refused to grant admission to white or Asian students because of their race.

Affirmative action was originally instated to help minorities and people of color overcome what used to be insurmountable racism and prejudice. However, in 2017, such a program is no longer necessary. Unsurprisingly, liberals are outraged at this latest update and have employed it as yet another reason to brand President Trump has a racist white supremacist. These same incensed leftists have no idea that the only racism showing is theirs.

Whether people realize it or not, affirmative action in 2017 is a slap in the face to minorities and people of color. The nature of affirmative action inherently pushes the idea that black students (and other minorities) are incapable of competing with white students without receiving a boost. Liberals, for their supposed aversion to racism, fail to understand that the epitome of racism is believing that black students, or any racial group, are sub par and unable to succeed on merit alone. At this point in history, colleges are not actively denying admission to black students because of their race. If anything, colleges go out of their way to admit minorities for the sake of appearing inclusive and appealing to particular demographics.

Affirmative action advocates are more racist than any Trump supporter because they inherently believe all black and Latino students are “disadvantaged.” Ironically, they view the President as racist for wanting an equal playing field with no group having advantages. Despite liberal tears and protests otherwise, affirmative action is innately discriminatory. According to The Economist, Asian students have been denied entry to certain universities while other students with lower marks and scores have been routinely granted admission. This practice is the antithesis of fairness and equality.

Unfortunately, a plethora of left wing Americans are not ready to face the harsh realities of affirmative action. Life is competitive. In the real world, one's level of success is based upon their level of skills and qualifications. Colleges who partake in affirmative action are doing a major disservice to students of all races and ethnicities. Will African Americans really be better off knowing that their admission to university only happened because of their skin color? Is it not better to achieve entry based on good grades and other merits? Also, the act of intentionally barring qualified Asian and white students from college just for the sake of admitting groups deemed as oppressed goes against everything colleges are supposed to stand for.

The strong advocacy for affirmative action simply proves that a vast majority of leftists only view minorities as tokens to legitimize and promote their agendas. If liberals were true advocates of equality and egalitarianism for all, they would vehemently oppose affirmative action after learning of repeated reports of discrimination against Asian students. The left will try to claim that such reports are merely trumped up by racist conservatives, but a direct testimony from Michael Wang, an exceptional college applicant with an ACT score of 36 and second in his 2015 class proves otherwise:

I saw people less qualified than me get better offers. At first I was just angry. Then I decided to turn that anger to productive use. I asked: what more could I have done to get into your college? Was it based on race, or what was it based on?

After Wang received no meaningful responses from the Ivy League schools which rejected him, he took his case to the Department of Education, to no avail. Wang is not the first Asian American student to complain of racial discrimination in the college admissions process. The Economist reports a grand total of 64 Asian groups which have protested against bias in the college admissions process. Asians are a minority in America, and yet white liberals remain silent, proving their hypocrisy and double standards yet again.

College is not a one-size-fits-all institution, and there should be no favoritism in the admissions process. Regardless of race or ethnicity, if a person lacks the marks, qualifications, or credentials to be granted entry to university, then they should not be accepted. Pandering to racial groups and denying entry to qualified students does a great disservice to everyone.

Hopefully, the Justice Department will be successful in their venture to terminate affirmative action and end racial discrimination against white and Asian students. These young people should not be barred from university and neither should their black counterparts. There was a point in American history where attending college was viewed as a monumental achievement and something to strive for. President Trump’s aim to restore true equality to the college admissions process does not equate to racism.

The need for affirmative action is long gone. Black Americans have every opportunity to study, work hard, and earn the necessary credentials to attend the university of their choice. We, as Americans, each have to pay our dues and cannot expect privileges to be handed to us because of our race. At the end of the day, qualifications and achievements, not race, should be the determining factor for whether or not someone is granted admission to university.

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