Trump Heads to Nevada, Eying Another Potential Battleground State

The Trump campaign plans to hold multiple public events in Nevada this weekend, seeking to clinch the state’s electoral votes in what is increasingly shaping up to be a tight race, reports the Associated Press

After only narrowly losing the state in 2016, the campaign has invested heavily in the state this election cycle, hoping to tip the scales in the president’s favor. If successful, it would be the first time Nevada has supported a Republican presidential nominee since 2004. 

So far both the Biden and Trump campaigns have spent about $4.5 million each in Nevada, however, the Trump campaign has an additional $5.5 million in future reservations in the state compared to Biden’s allocated $2.5 million. Republicans have also opted for a ground game strategy in Nevada rather than the Democrats’ mostly virtual campaign efforts.

Events canceled ahead of visit:

The original plan was to hold rallies at airport hangars in Reno and Las Vegas, but these were canceled by state officials due to concerns that the Trump campaign would not comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Some state Republicans have blamed the state’s Democratic governor, saying the restrictions are interfering with the president’s re-election chances.

Instead, the Trump campaign will hold rallies in two different locations: one in Minden, about 45 miles south of Reno, the other at a manufacturing facility in Henderson. 

Close races in many battleground states:

Though national polling shows Biden with a lead, state polling shows a much tighter race. This is true for both campaigns, as even states like Arizona that Trump was easily expected to retain are closer than expected. Similarly for Biden, there are persistent concerns that polling advantages in several swing states could be misleading, setting up for a repeat of 2016. 

Still, the attention that Trump is paying to Nevada shows that the campaign has realized a need to open up new pathways to re-election. 

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