Trump Campaign Split Into “Team Normal” and “Team Rudy” After Election, Ex-Campaign Chief Says

Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien testified to the Jan. 6 committee that the former president’s team split into “Team Normal” and supporters of election falsehoods pushed by Rudy Giuliani, Yahoo News reports.

Stepien told the committee that he was part of “Team Normal.”

“There were two groups, my team and Rudy’s team. I didn’t mind being characterized as part of ‘Team Normal,’” he said in a deposition. “I didn’t think what was happening was necessarily honest or professional at that time.”

Stepien said the split ultimately led to his resignation.

California Rep. Zoe Lofgren added that shortly after, Trump got “rid of Team Normal” entirely.

Was Rudy drunk?

Former Trump spokesman Jason Miller told the committee that Giuliani was drunk on election night when he urged Trump to prematurely declare victory.

“I think the mayor was definitely intoxicated, but I do not know his level of intoxication when he spoke with the president, for example,” Miller said.

Giuliani denied the claim on Twitter.

“I am disgusted and outraged at the out right lie by Jason Miller and Bill Steppien. I was upset that they were not prepared for the massive cheating (as well as other lawyers around the President) I REFUSED all alcohol that evening. My favorite drink..Diet Pepsi,” he tweeted. “Is the false testimony from Miller and Steppien because I yelled at them? Are they being paid to lie?”

Barr blasts claims:

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said he repeatedly tried to convince Trump of the facts about the election.

“I told him the stuff his people were shoveling out to the public was bullsshit,” Barr said, adding, “Boy, if he really believes this stuff, he’s lost contact, he’s become, he’s become detached from reality.”

Former DOJ official Richard Donoghue recalled that there were more conspiracy theories than he could remember.

“There were so many allegations that when you confronted him on one, he wouldn’t fight it, he would move over to another one,” Donoghue testified.


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