Trump Blocks Someone On Twitter, The Media Loses Their Minds

The mounting insanity of the American political climate gets more interesting with each passing day. The antics of politicians and civilians are engrossing, to say the least, and the media is eating it up. One of the latest stories covers President Trump blocking Laura Packard on Twitter for habitual harassment. Outlets like Think Progress covered the story, appearing outraged that the President blocked this woman despite her stage four cancer.

First and foremost, cancer is awful. Packard should absolutely fight through it and she undoubtedly has many doctors and people in her corner, wishing for her full recovery. However, Packard is not exempt from the consequences of her actions, simply because she has cancer. President Trump’s account belongs to him and he reserves the right to block anyone he so chooses. Part of being a Twitter user is the ability to block trolls and negative people.

Packard should have seen this coming, but apparently, being blocked for harassment took her by surprise. Her statements to Think Progress are as follows:

I didn’t sleep too well because of the cancer. But I don’t know if he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or what. I just wish that he would listen.

He said [during the campaign] he would come up with something that was great and was going to cover everybody, and [Republicans] keep coming up with bills that are the exact opposite. He’s definitely not listening to me now.

There are a few things that Packard needs to realize. For starters, people aren’t usually very keen on listening to people who habitually harass them or are rude to them. As the age old saying goes, ‘you’ll catch more flies with honey and vinegar.’ If Packard truly wanted President Trump to hear her out, she should have gone about it much differently. Bashing someone is the best motivation for them to tune you out. Packard’s assertion that the President is “definitely not listening to her now” is absolutely correct. Had she been a little nicer, perhaps things would have played out differently. However, she made her choice and now has to live with it.

The outraged report from Think Progress signifies a deeper problem with the media. Pundits seem to hold this misguided belief that President Trump is mandated to take all kinds of hits and criticism and never retaliate. That’s not how life works and it’s definitely not how people work. There are instances where taking the ‘high road’ and simply ignoring detractors is best, however people sometimes have to either hit back, or at the very least, cut off the source of negative energy.

Furthermore, President Trump was not rude to Packard. He didn’t say anything to her, he simply blocked her on Twitter which does not harm her in any way whatsoever. The President is not obligated to take endless abuse from anyone, regardless of whether or not they have cancer. Sickness does not deem one exempt from the consequences of their actions. Hopefully, Packard will learn from this experience and think twice before harassing people on social media.

The media’s biased coverage on who President Trump chooses to block on his Twitter account is problematic in and of itself. Why is this trending news? Who cares? As previously stated, the President can block whomever he wants. Of all the pressing matters in this nation, of all the paramount issues to cover, who President Trump decides to block ought to be the least of the mainstream media’s worries.

Reporting on the President blocking Packard, while making her out to be the poor, innocent victim merely gives credence to the fact that the mainstream media has a personal and political vendetta against Mr. Trump. As many people have noted and observed, President Trump is an outsider, and he is arguably one of the most unique and unorthodox politicians in the history of America. This inherently makes him a severe threat to the mainstream media and establishment.

Not only was Packard’s attempt to communicate with President Trump flawed, but so were her positions on Obamacare. She talked about millions of Americans losing their health insurance with the repeal of the (Un)Affordable Care Act. This is a common talking point for liberal Democrats and yet they seem to either not know or not care about the millions of Americans getting eaten alive financially by rising premiums and unaffordable healthcare costs. The truth of the matter is that Obamacare is a ticking time bomb and it simply does not work. Perhaps the ACA will have to completely implode before the Left understands this.

At the end of the day, there is nothing much to see here. Laura Packard habitually targeted President Trump on Twitter over an extended period of time, so he blocked her and has every right to do so. This happens to a plethora of people on social media everyday. It’s not newsworthy or shocking. People can block whomever they so choose on social media and deep down, Packard understands this. Hopefully she will make a speedy recovery from cancer and understand that when you harass people online, the likelihood of them blocking you increases exponentially.

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