Trump Accuses Oprah of 'Burning' Tapes That Show They Used to Be 'Friends'

President Donald Trump went on an extended riff about Oprah Winfrey during a campaign rally in Georgia after the talk show host campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams days earlier.

Speaking at a rally in Macon, Trump said, "Oprah was a friend of mine until I ran for office. Once I ran for office she diverged.”

He went on to add that Oprah “has been down to Mar-A-Lago,” and that “until I ran for office we did very well. We had a good relationship. I like Oprah.”

He then claimed that he was on one of the talk show host's final shows in 2011. As Variety notes, he was on her show in February of 2011, the show ended four months later.

“Oprah, when she ended her show, had the five most important people. I assume. Her last week,” Trump said. “Remember her last week. Well I was on her full show in the last week. I think they are trying the burn the tape.”

Variety adds that this is not the first time Trump made this claim. A 2013 photo posted on Instagram showing him with his family and Oprah says that the image was taken during her show's final week, though it actually took place much earlier.

Reporters reject claim:

"Trump lies that he was on Oprah's show in its last week because she had on 'her five most important people,'" Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale tweeted. "He was on the show 3.5 months before it ended: her last show was on May 25, 2011; Trump appeared on Feb. 7, 2011."

"This is the fourth time Trump has lied that he was on Oprah's show in its last week, but it's the first time he's claimed it was because he was super-important to Oprah," he added.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman added that Trump insinuated "they’re 'trying to burn the tape.' (Which explains why the tape of the show he wasn’t on doesn’t exist!)"

Trump has attacked Oprah before:

Trump previously lashed out at Oprah amid rumors that she may run for president in 2020. Responding to a “60 Minutes” segment in which she interviewed voters, Trump called her “very insecure” and said her “questions were biased and slanted” and her “facts incorrect.”

“Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!” he wrote.

Oprah did not mention Trump by name while campaigning for Abrams, but hit out at all the “noise,” “vitriol” and “crazy talk” in politics.

VP piles on:

Vice President Mike Pence also took aim at Oprah during a campaign stop in Georgia.

"Stacey Abrams is being bankrolled by Hollywood liberals," Pence said, adding that “Oprah is in town” and that actor Will Ferrell had recently campaigned in the state.

"I'd like to remind Stacey and Oprah and Will Ferrell, I'm kind of a big deal, too," Pence said. "A message for all Stacey Abrams' liberal Hollywood friends: This ain't Hollywood. This is Georgia."


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