Top State Officials Concealed Mike Pompeo’s “Questionable Activities,” Misconduct: Whistleblower

Senior State Department officials blocked a whistleblower from reporting misconduct by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to a copy of the whistleblower complaint obtained by The New York Times.

The employee reported witnessing misconduct by Pompeo and hearing “numerous firsthand accounts” of Pompeo’s “questionable activities” but was blocked by top officials protecting Pompeo, the complaint says.

The complaint alleges that officials enabled misconduct by Pompeo even after the whistleblower sounded the alarm.

After encountering resistance internally, the whistleblower filed a complaint to the Office of the Inspector General.

Complaint prompted probe:

The complaint prompted an investigation into misuse of taxpayer dollars by Pompeo and his wife.

The investigation was one of two that former inspector general Steve Linick was conducting before he was abruptly fired by President Trump in May.

Three House committees are investigating whether Pompeo pushed Trump to fire Linick.

Pompeo has denied that he pushed for the firing and said Linick was “undermining” the department without offering any details.

Complaint details misconduct:

The complaint alleges that the whistleblower tried “on several occasions obtain clarifications and guidance” from senior officials but was prevented from doing so.

The complaint said several officials “specifically directed subordinate staff to continue facilitating questionable activities after the concerns were raised.”

Democrats have said Linick investigated Pompeo for misusing taxpayer dollars on personal errands.


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