Texas State Bar Sues to Sanction Attorney General Ken Paxton For Trying to Overturn Election

The Texas State Bar’s disciplinary committee on Wednesday filed a professional misconduct lawsuit against Attorney General Ken Paxton for trying to overturn the 2020 election, The Texas Tribune reports.

The Commission for Lawyer Discipline filed a lawsuit seeking sanctions against Paxton over his “frivolous” lawsuit seeking to overturn former President Donald Trump’s loss in several other states.
The complaint asks a judge to sanction Paxton for professional misconduct and order him to pay attorney fees.

The lawsuit stems from multiple complaints against Paxton.

But Paxton has repeatedly dodged legal trouble. He has been under indictment for securities fraud for seven years and more recently came under FBI investigation after eight former deputies accused him of bribery and abuse of office.

Paxton’s “dishonest” lawsuit:

The bar lawsuit argued that Paxton misrepresented that he had found evidence that "raises serious doubts as to the integrity of the election process in the defendant states."

"As a result of Respondent’s actions, Defendant States were required to expend time, money, and resources to respond to the misrepresentations and false statements contained in these pleadings and injunction requests even though they had previously certified their presidential electors based on the election results prior to the filing of Respondent’s pleadings," the lawsuit read.

The lawsuit added that Paxton made “dishonest” claims about illegal voting.

Paxton’s allegations "were not supported by any charge, indictment, judicial finding, and/or credible or admissible evidence, and failed to disclose to the Court that some of his representations and allegations had already been adjudicated and/or dismissed in a court of law."

Paxton responds:

Paxton, who won his Republican primary runoff on Tuesday, vowed to fight the complaint.

"Texas Bar: I’ll see you and the leftists that control you in court," Paxton said. "I’ll never let you bully me, my staff or the Texans I represent into backing down or going soft on defending the Rule of Law — something for which you have little knowledge."


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