Texas, Florida Gain Seats as New York, California, Northeast Lose Power After Census

Several Republican-led states are set to gain Congressional seats while predominantly Democratic states like California and New York will each lose a seat after the 2020 census, the Associated Press reports.

In all, the US population grew at the slowest rate since the Great Depression over the last decade. As a result, states like Texas gained fewer seats than they were expected to while New York lost fewer seats compared to expectations.

New York could have completely defied expectations by keeping all of its seats but the Census Bureau said it missed the cutoff by 89 residents.

The congressional reapportionment also marks the first time in California history that the state has lost a seat.

Texas was expected to gain three seats but netted two, the only state to see a differential larger than a single seat.

Big winners:

Texas is by far the big winner of the census, gaining two congressional seats after growing by 4 million residents.

Other states that Donald Trump won are also set to gain seats, including North Carolina, Florida, and Montana -- which will have two seats after losing its second seat in the 1990s census.

But states that President Joe Biden carried -- Colorado and Oregon -- are also set to gain a seat apiece. It is Colorado’s first new House seat in two decades and Oregon’s first new seat in 40 years.

Democratic-led states lose:

California lost a seat for the first time in its history, but still leads the nation with 52 House seats and 54 Electoral Votes.

New York lost a seat by just 89 people, dropping its delegation to 26 members.

Other Democratic-led states like Michigan and Illinois are also set to lose a seat.

Two Republican-led states -- Ohio and West Virginia -- will also lose a seat each. Ohio has lost seats in every census since 1960.


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