Ted Cruz Squares Off With Luke Skywalker. Over Net Neutrality?

This past weekend, another Star Wars movie set box office records. The internet is on fire with reviews, comments, reaction videos, and speculation. We’ve been inundated with images of lightsabers, blasters, and spaceship battles. But another battle has been raging. One that affects our real world.

Earlier this month, the FCC voted to repeal the Obama-era Net Neutrality rules. Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard of this. Liberal-governed social networks have been shrieking about it for months. They claim this repeal will be the end of the Internet. They say the eradication of these rules will lead to terrible changes by Internet providers.

Liberals fear that, without strong government regulation, companies will abuse customers. We’ve yet to see that abuse, despite decades of Internet access. But an attempt was made in 2015 to set rules to prevent it. These net neutrality rules, crafted by the 5-man group, were supposed to protect the freedom of the Internet. Today’s FCC argued the rules represented too much government oversight.

You can argue the merits of either side. Honestly, we don’t know what will happen, now that the rules have been revoked. But that hasn’t stopped celebrities from giving us their opinion.

Mark Hamill, famous for portraying Luke Skywalker, blasted the FCC chairman’s decision to repeal the rules.

Everybody is mad at Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.

You see, not only did Pai end the internet as we know it by presiding over the repeal of those Obama-era net neutrality rules; he rubbed salt in the wound by shooting a video reminding people of all the things (well, seven actually) they’d still be able to do after net neutrality was repealed — including remaining a part of your favorite fandom…

Yes, it was a stunt, but “Last Jedi” star Mark Hamill took it very seriously, calling Pai “unworthy” of wielding a toy lightsaber. (Twitchy)

I don’t see how a fictional group of Jedi’s factors into a real-world issue. But far be it from liberal celebrities to not drag a beloved franchise into politics. Pai was goofing off with his video, perhaps being a little bit trollish. Hamill, though, should stay somewhat neutral. After all, as a movie star, he has little to gain from the net neutrality debate, right?

Yet liberal celebrities feel it’s their right to tell us what to think. They have for a very long time. Every election, they demand we support their candidate. Every time an important issue comes up, they just expect us to listen to them.

Net Neutrality is a complicated issue. There might not be a “perfect” answer to everyone’s concerns. But it seems like uber-liberal Hamill has no problem making it personal.

Fans of Luke Skywalker might be surprised to see Hamill wade into this debate. But that is simply because you don’t follow him online. Hamill has always been outspoken about his liberal views. He is a strong advocate for strict gun control, like many liberals. It won’t come as a surprise that he loved Obama, once comparing him to Obi-Wan Kenobi (we get it, you’re in Star Wars). And, of course, he hates Donald Trump.

That’s all well and good. I don’t expect a celebrity not to have an opinion. I do find it shocking that, while Hamill is applauded for his liberal views, conservatives in Hollywood are all but silenced. Few can express their opinions out of fear of being blacklisted.

It’s also shocking to think that Hamill can abuse his relationship with fans to push his ideas. Millions of people around the world love Star Wars. They loved Mark’s portrayal as hero Luke Skywalker. Does the actor really think they all will resonate with his hyper-liberal stances? That’s a fantasy.

Yet Hollywood liberals not only continue to spew their views, they are arrogant and hateful about it. They seem to operate under a level of delusion not seen since… well, Hillary Clinton.

When Senator Ted Cruz decided to weigh in on the conversation, how do you think Hamill responded? With a little bit of dignity? With a little bit of respect? Perhaps with a shred of mutual understanding, given he was talking to an elected official? Nope!

You know that tweet we told you about this weekend where “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill attempted to poke fun at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai? Well, Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Hamill over it, and it’s pretty funny:

And then Hamill fired back and made fun of Cruz over that porn-tweet from earlier this year. (Twitchy)

If you’re confused about the porn thing, a link to a porn video popped up on Cruz’s twitter feed earlier in the year. It was quickly taken down. Whether it was from Ted himself or some kind of hack, we don’t know. But it had zero bearing on this conversation.

Notice how quickly Hamill goes into insult mode. Cruz used Star Wars to cleverly discuss net neutrality, perhaps hoping Hamill could see things from his perspective. Instead of acknowledging Cruz’s stance, the actor slanders him. How very liberal of him.

Undeterred, Cruz fights back.

Say what you will about the Texas Senator, he surely got the better of the exchange. Notice how he, once again, cleverly used Star Wars to combat his critic. While Hamill is raging over the NN repeal, throwing insults as a salve for his anger, Cruz is sticking to the facts.

As a Senator, Ted Cruz has weighed in on the issue in the past. He is perhaps a bit more knowledgeable about net neutrality than the actor. Cruz wanted to discuss the issue with Hamill. Instead, he got a cheap shot and hate. That’s hardly the Jedi way.

We can discuss the merits of net neutrality. In fact, that’s very important. We need to somehow find a balance between government accountability (to protect consumers) and free-market values (to prevent too much government oversight). It will perhaps require Congressional legislation (rather than rules made by 5 people) to navigate the issue properly.

We will never get there if the left continues to spasm over every little thing. This is the real world. Real lives are at stake. The decisions our government makes will affect Americans and many others around the world.

But how do many on the left react? Like spoiled toddlers. They throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. And when confronted with facts, they lash out with insults. How do they expect to be treated seriously when they behave that way?

I like Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker is my favorite character from the movies. But when I see him acting like a putz in real life? It makes me want to put my lightsaber away for good.

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