Steve Bannon Surrenders to FBI After Grand Jury Indicts Him For Contempt of Congress

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon turned himself in to the FBI on Monday after a grand jury indicted him for contempt of Congress, The New York Times reports.

Bannon was among more than a dozen former Trump aides hit with a subpoena for records related to the lead-up to the deadly January 6 Capitol riot. Trump ordered his allies not to comply with the House committee investigating the attack and Bannon was the first person to refuse to comply with the subpoena.

The House voted to refer Bannon to the Justice Department for refusing to cooperate and a federal grand jury on Friday indicted Bannon on two counts of contempt for refusing to sit for a deposition and failing to turn over documents in response to a subpoena.

Bannon surrenders:

Bannon surrendered at the FBI's Washington field office on Monday.

“On Monday, November 15, Stephen K. Bannon self-surrendered to the F.B.I. Washington Field Office and was arrested and processed on two counts of contempt of Congress,” the FBI said in a statement.

Bannon is scheduled to be arraigned later on Monday.

He was defiant while live-streaming his surrender, claiming that he is “taking down the Biden regime.”

"I don't want anybody to take their eye off the ball from what we do every day, OK," he told supporters during the stream. "I want you guys to stay focused on message.”

Meadows next?

The committee is considering referring former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows to the DOJ as well after he refused to appear for a deposition on Friday.

"We have been moving very quickly to make these decisions and I'm confident we'll move very quickly with respect to Mr. Meadows also," California Rep. Adam Schiff, a member of the committee, told NBC News. "But when ultimately witnesses decide, as Meadows has, that they're not even going to bother showing up, that they have that much contempt for the law, then it pretty much forces our hand, and we'll move quickly."


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