Stacey Abrams Would “Absolutely” Accept VP Role: “Of Course I Want It”

Former Georgia House minority leader Stacey Abrams said he would be open to serving as a running mate to the candidate that wins the Democratic nomination.

Abrams, who many say was robbed in the extremely close Georgia gubernatorial race marred by allegations of voter suppression, told The View that she would be open to being on the 2020 presidential ticket.

“The first time I was on here I got the question about running as VP during the primary, and I very, apparently famously said, ‘no, because you don't run for second in a primary,’” Abrams said. “However, because that conversation started, I’m now getting the question a lot from folks and the answer is, of course I would be honored to run as vice president with the nominee.”

“It would be doing a disservice to every woman of color, every woman of ambition, every child who wants to think beyond their known space for me to say no, or to pretend oh no, I don't want it,” she added. “Of course I want it. Of course I want to serve America, of course I want to be a patriot.”

Abrams wants to be president:

Asked if she wants to run for president one day, Abrams replied, “absolutely.”

“I want to do good, and there is no stronger platform than president of the United States, and that's a position I want to one day hold,” she said.

Abrams said she is not planning to endorse any candidates in the race and is focused on her voting advocacy group Fair Fight 2020.

“My best service is to be in that neutral space where it's not about who the nominee is, it's about making sure no matter who the nominee is, any person who wants to go and vote can vote,” Abrams said.

Abrams has been linked to Biden:

Abrams was repeatedly reported to be as a likely running mate choice for former Vice President Joe Biden, though Biden has faded in the Democratic race since.

Abrams has also been linked to Bernie Sanders and met with former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg before he introduced his Douglass Plan, which includes a proposal for a “21st Century Voting Rights Act.”


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