Some Swing-State Democrats Are Pushing Back on Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Some Democrats running in purple battleground states this year after not on board with President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, HuffPost reports.

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, who is locked in a tight Senate race with Republican J.D. Vance, came out against the plan on Wednesday.

“As someone who’s paying off my own family’s student loans, I know the costs of higher education are too high,” Ryan said in a statement. “And while there’s no doubt that a college education should be about opening opportunities, waiving debt for those already on a trajectory to financial security sends the wrong message.”


Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who is up for re-election, also criticized the plan.

“In my view, the administration should have further targeted the relief and proposed a way to pay for this plan,” he said. “While immediate relief to families is important, one-time debt cancellation does not solve the underlying problem.”

Bennet, however, praised Biden’s plan to make changes to income-based repayment plans.


Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who is facing Republican Adam Laxalt, said she disagreed with the plan.

“We should be focusing on passing my legislation to expand Pell Grants for lower-income students, targeting loan forgiveness to those in need and actually make college more affordable for working families,” she said.

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Rep. Chris Pappas argued that Biden should have went through Congress to advance the plan.

“Any plan to address student debt should go through the legislative process, and it should be more targeted and paid for so it doesn’t add to the deficit. The president’s plan also doesn’t address the underlying issue of the affordability of higher education,” he said.


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