Social Justice Warriors Hate Movies Now

I really don’t want to write about social justice warriors. They’re stupid, hateful, and intentionally ignorant people. They not only try to disguise their blatantly Socialist platform as a form of “justice,” but they have a bizarre tendency to turn everything political.

I’d much rather write about comic books, video games, and the latest fantasy novel. But SJW’s can’t help themselves. And neither can I.

And if my words trigger a few of them, well that’s always good for a laugh.

Recently I wrote about their attacks on legendary actor William Shatner, for refusing to tolerate their stupidity. Despite the fact that he historically has broken down racial barriers in our society, they attacked him as an ignorant, old, white man.

Thus, proving they’re the real bigots.

The biggest problem with social justice warriors is that they politicize everything. It’s a virulent problem with the left in general, but this attribute takes on its final form with SJW’s. They cannot enjoy a simple video game, comic book, or diversion without caking it in the guise of one of their “causes.”

Take video games, for a moment. A few months ago a game came out called Horizon Zero Dawn. It was pretty successful. Not only was it well-reviewed, but gamers seemed to love the original setting, inventive gameplay, and immersive story. Not only that, but the protagonist of the game (the character you controlled) was a young, red-haired girl.

Not too shabby right? She wasn’t an over-sexualized, female character for young boys to ogle over. But a smart, strong, resourceful character with an intricate story to explore. A big leap for games to come. Loved by everyone who played the game.

Yet there were still SJW’s who were complaining. As roasted by Andy Warski:

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Clearly, these two alpha male, anti-SJW gamers had no problem playing a game with a female lead. Nor did anyone else. Yet this feminist, SJW YouTuber had to invent a controversy about the character. Thus, taking attention away from the fact that this is a fun game to play, dragging Horizon Zero Dawn into the mire of hate-driven politics.

(Full disclosure: I’ve played the game myself. Aside from having beautiful landscapes and unique environments to explore, it’s fun and has a winning story.)

Why was that even necessary? Can’t we just have games that are fun? Why does everything have to be put under the microscope of political navel-gazing?

Most gamers despise social justice warriors, and politics in general. You’ll often hear them insulting both the left and right in the same breath as they play. They don’t care; they just want to have some fun.

But not if SJW’s have anything to say about it! Even a game that showcases a strong, female protagonist that is not in any way objectified, still gives them reasons to complain. That’s why I say it’s never wise to acquiesce to the left. The moment you do, they will demand even more.

There are some things in life that don’t deserve to be politicized. I’m sure, in my time writing for this site, I’ve politicized more than what’s necessary. But in truth, some things deserved to be treated as fun diversions from the misery that is the world of politics.

Movies, video games, comic books, novels, even blogs can be free from the bile of left-right arguing. Here’s a little spoiler: most people don’t want to be bothered by politics 24/7! Even I—a stalwart conservative who can argue about these issues night and day—need a break from it, from time to time.

And while these mediums (books, games, etc.) can be good platforms to explore complex ideas like politics (on the rarest of occasions), mostly they’re about entertainment.

So, why oh why, must SJW’s crap all over them?

Maybe it’s because they are so joyless and miserable they have to ruin everyone else’s fun. Even a sci-fi adventure film like Avatar had to be weighed down by reminding everyone about the plight of the American Indian.


So it comes as no surprise that SJW’s are at it again, after the release of the trailer for the Death Wish remake.

In another example of useless causes clueless Social Justice Warriors have championed, those who lean on the left have called the trailer for Bruce Willis’ new film Death Wish “racist,” “alt-right” and “nakedly fascist.”

The film, a remake of the 1974 classic starring Charles Bronson, takes place in urban Chicago and revolves around Paul Kersey (Willis), a doctor-turned-vigilante pugilist following his wife’s murder and daughter’s brutal assault. (Milo)

Setting the movie in Chicago seemed to really set them off. Apparently, there is no crime in that city and setting a fictional movie there will only highlight the fact that there is no crime!

GQ magazine called Death Wish “the most tone-deaf film of the year.”

“In moving the setting from New York to Chicago, a city where gun violence is both well-documented and highly politicized, and setting the trailer to ‘Back in Black,’ the remake tips its hand: 2017’s ‘Death Wish’ comes off as a work of cowardice and opportunism, piggybacking off hard-right fear-mongering and a government that’s completely and utterly disingenuous in its rhetoric about violent crime when nationwide, crime rates — despite rises in cities thanks to mass shootings like the Pulse massacre in Orlando — remain historically low,” said columnist Joshua Rivera.

Rivera points to terrorism as an excuse for the rise in crime. Not the city of Chicago, which is a leader in gun-related crime. He claims talking about violence in Chicago is “fear mongering” and says our leaders are “disingenuous” about it. Except the crime rate in Chicago was so high last year, it skewed the statistics for the entire country.

The death toll from Chicago gun violence is so high that it is skewing national murder figures, making violence appear more ubiquitous than it actually is. (Breitbart)

I guess GQ was ignoring facts from the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and the Brennan Center for Justice. You know I used to read GQ, back when they were actually about giving tips on how men can look good. But, like the rest of the failing liberal media machine, they have succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome and social justice.

Hey guys, go back to talking about how good Johnny Depp looks and stay away from politics! You’re embarrassing yourself.

They also must be ignorant of the current figures on gun-violence in Chicago. This year the heavily gun-controlled city is on par to top their previous record for gun-related violence and death.

February is coming to a close and there has already been over 500 shooting victims in Chicago for 2017.

The Chicago Tribune reported that 513 people were shot January 1 through February 27, an increase of 37 victims over the 466 who were shot during the same time period in 2016. Sadly, there was enough violence overnight as February 27 gave way to February 28 that the number of shooting victims for the year now sits at 517. (Breitbart)

Mind you, that was in the first two months of the year. A shocking 517 people were shot, in a city that makes it difficult for citizens to arm themselves.

Maybe setting the new Death Wish movie in Chicago wasn’t discriminatory, but an obvious choice?

To be honest, I’m not interested in yet another soulless Hollywood remake, based on a recognizable title. It might be good, but I’d rather see something new. But after the outbreak of empty and pointless hate from social justice warriors, I’ll be buying my ticket today.

Am I buying a ticket to a potentially bad movie, just to spite a group of people online that I’ll never meet? Yup!

Sound crazy? It’s a rational response to the insanity coming from this destructive group. A group that is being coddled and embraced by the left. Why aren’t sensible liberals distancing themselves from this kind of irrational, hateful rhetoric? They claim an action movie about a man seeking revenge on criminals is somehow an alt-right plot. Even though it was made by a liberal Jewish filmmaker.

This incessant need to politicize what should be a fun, action-packed movie is tiresome, pathetic, and ultimately self-defeating. Sony tried to politicize the Ghostbuster’s remake, by getting bloggers to accuse people who didn’t like the film as sexist. That didn’t work out so well.

Recent films, including a female-led super hero movie like Wonder Woman, have been slandered by social justice warriors, on laughably idiotic grounds. But their goal isn’t just to rain on our parade.

They want to corral all forms of speech and expression under their rule. You see, they don’t really care that Wonder Woman had shaved armpits (thank God she did). They don’t really care about a film like Death Wish, where Bruce Willis shoots a bunch of criminals in Chicago (he’s shot a lot of people everywhere, in many films). They want to establish a precedent that they, the social justice liberal elite of our society, can decide what are acceptable forms of expression in our culture.

If they don’t like it, they want veto power. Forget about the First Amendment, the free market, and artistic integrity. Social justice warriors want to be the police of our art, culture, and entertainment. They want to be the not-so-secret police to whom we must submit our ideas and work. If we don’t, then we should fear their bitter and painful rebuke!

And they claim Trump is the fascist.

Social justice warriors don’t care about free expression. They use their goons online and in the streets to suppress ideas they don’t like. Their end goal: a society where we so fear speaking our minds, that we won’t dare question their idiocy and stupidity. It’s happening already. People can’t wear Trump hats in New York, for fear of being attacked. Only the radically brave dare to do it, so the rest of us can enjoy our Constitutionally given rights.

It’s why I am so vehement in these blogs. Do you really think I’m such a belligerent asshole in real life? I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, if you ever had the pleasure to meet me. Because of the darkness of the regressive left, I have to use strong rhetoric- or worry that we’d end up in a place where only the jackbooted social justice thugs are allowed to speak their minds.

Eli Roth, the director of the film, is thankfully unwilling to surrender to these thugs. “I gotta say, it’s the alt-right amount of controversy,” said Roth. “(The trailer) was the #1 trending video on YouTube this morning.” Perhaps all the liberal bellyaching will motivate many people to go see the film. It might be a great movie, it might not be. But that should be for the rest of us to decide, not a select few of radical leftists with a vile, un-American agenda.

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