Social Justice Warrior Update: Are They All Crazy?

I admit I find far-left progressive, feminists, and "social justice warriors" fascinating. In the way a doctor can find cancer fascinating. I just don't understand how an intelligent person can act so oddly.

With each passing day, I learn more and more about the irrational way these regressive liberals are behaving. Long ago they gave up using reason, facts, or logic to found their arguments. Instead, they depend on emotions- which never obey knowledge or intelligence- to back their baseless claims, accusations, and even political stances.

I agree with Ann Coulter (Gasp! Are you really surprised?) when she said people are always most conservative on the issues they know best. Meaning that when someone is educated on the issues, they tend to lean right. You may disagree (you're welcome to), but SJWs tend to prove my point time and again.

Their irresponsible, childish, and divisive behavior only confirms they don't even understand the issues they claim to fight for. In fact, their behavior suggests they lack even the basic sanity all humans should possess.

Don't agree with me? Allow me to provide a few very recent examples.

TRIGGER WARNING: what you're about to read will either be very funny or very shocking, depending on your temperament.

Recent awards ceremonies have been co-opted by elite celebrities to criticize our new president and the millions of people who support him. They have ruined already pointless events to grandstand- even though no one asked them for their opinion.

And so it was during last Sunday's Grammy's, long considered to be the most pointless award show ever, when the hollow-minded folks in the dead music industry united to attack the leader of the free world.

Until, of course, a white woman won album of the year.

Now, I might be biased, because I like people with talent- such as Adele- but what the f*ck are these people talking about? I thought this award was supposed to go to the best performer, not the one who is black. Remember when Taylor Swift beat Beyonce a few years back? Kanye and others flipped out then too. Are we just supposed to give Beyonce every award?

Um... what? So white artists don't deserve recognition for their work? Only black people should get awards nowadays?

Fervent fans always feel upset when their favorite artist or actor doesn't get the awards they think they deserve. Usually, they just say they were cheated or something. Now, thanks to social justice, whenever something doesn't go Beyonce's way, they can blame racism!

Because, you know, Beyonce has such a hard time in this industry.

The hits keep coming! It's not just the corrupt and out-of-date music industry that is showing its radical, regressive left stupidity. It is even hitting the very ridiculous world of fat acceptance.

It's grossly irresponsible for any publication to defend someone's right to be overweight. People should be motivated to make positive changes in their lives- losing weight will extend a person's life, improve their self-esteem, and reduce the risk of a variety of terrible diseases.

Yet the regressive left has attacked this very basic concept by saying "fat shaming" ruins a person's emotional makeup. Because a few magazines in the past glorified the "ideal" body type- you know, the healthy kind- now liberals have to swing in the extreme opposite direction, by claiming being horribly overweight and miserable is a good thing.

But even they can't get along, as recent articles have generated hate among fat acceptors and social justice radicals.

Several Huffington Post readers appear to be far from satisfied with the outlet’s ‘Fat Love’ gallery, finding fault with its lack of completely black couples...

“This article’s cover image is atrocious because to me it doesn’t represent a love or appreciation for fatness, but for whiteness,” wrote Nea Justice. “Black men hate themselves and the black women who give them life. They’ll take a white woman in any shape or form.” (via Milo)

Already they are wrong for embracing unhealthy, deadly lifestyles. But then they can't even be happy about that, because most of the pictures in the gallery show white or interracial couples. There weren't any black couples. So some of the social justice warriors among readers had to fire back at this article.

You see, when you create an environment that encourages radical descent- be it against race relations or body image- you are inviting all sorts of disunity and hate. Why shouldn't a black person celebrate interracial couples? Isn't that the goal of equality- a world where anyone can love anyone else?

These social justice warriors have their own agenda, one that breeds hate towards anyone they disagree with. Even a nonsense article celebrating overweight people is a target for them.

But there's more! Again from the "body positive" crowd. Apparently, they don't like you unless you're really, really ugly.

Mother of three Rachel Hollis is facing accusations of fat-shaming after she posted a photo of herself that was supposed to be a sign of body positivity.

Hollis – a lifestyle blogger – shared the photo via the following post, in which she declared “I have a belly that’s permanently flabby from carrying three giant babies. I wear a bikini because I’m proud of this body and every mark on it.”

Several people who saw that post were very quick to respond with criticism of Hollis, essentially telling her she wasn’t actually ugly enough to have posted such a photo. (via Milo)

God forbid a mother who worked hard to get in shape should post pictures to encourage others in their quest for health and fitness!

It's obvious that the people criticizing her are far more overweight or out of shape than this mother and are feeling jealous or insecure. Good! Let Rachel be an example for you to improve yourself and actually get healthy!

The regressive left doesn't believe in bettering yourself, just as much as they don't believe Americans should work hard and achieve success. Just as Democrats want to provide handouts via the government, liberals want to keep you in whatever poor state you're currently in. Don't bother trying to achieve success; be happy where you are. Embrace your flaws and problems.

We can't have you working hard to better yourself! Perhaps you'll end up becoming a well-rounded person who thinks for himself and challenges our stranglehold on society!

We won't be able to create Ingsoc that way!

Then, of course, there was the recent article on Buzzfeed, postulating that the gender revolution (as they call it) will make lesbians obsolete. Or perhaps that lesbians are standing in the way of a movement that embraces over 50 different genders. This has brought the wrath of many lesbians, who claim that Buzzfeed- who is obviously embracing LGBTQ groups- is actually attacking them.

They can't even keep order among their own ranks. How do they expect to convince the rest of us that they're opinions are valid?

I don't know what to say about the ongoing collapse of the regressive left. Personally, I'm not surprised. They will keep eating each other until nothing is left.

But the real tragedy is that in all the fighting, real people are getting lost in the chaos. People who deserve respect, opportunity, and a chance to better themselves. People who are getting duped by manipulative politicians, organizations, even global forces. People who are being exploited by nonsense and kept in the darkness.

They deserve better.

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