Social Justice Eats Itself: Why You Should Never Back the Left

Most honest, hard-working, and generally good-looking people will agree that conservative values and politics work out best in the United States. I can't speak for anywhere else in the world, but this country was founded on principles of self-discipline, personal liberty, and the notion that individuals have the right to lead their own lives, free of government involvement.

Those kinds of values will always win out over ideas that are, quite simply, idiotic and destructive. You know, most of the left's agenda.

Democrats have bamboozled millions of Americans by convincing them that their socialist plans for a capitalist republic like America will work. They do this by not openly explaining their plans--like increased taxes, the creation of bloated social programs, and invasive government oversight--but by appealing to American's sense of compassion.

They want you to believe the left's plans are best because they are meant to help the less fortunate. Or to right "imbalances" within our society. Or to help all those little guys out who just need a helping hand.

But the left's attempts at "helping" us ignore the basic principles that govern the Unite States: that individuals have the freedom to chart their own destiny and can succeed or fail on their own merits.

That kind of guiding principle flies in the face of everything the left stands for, which is increased government control over our lives and massive tax burdens that make it impossible for new generations to achieve wealth and success.

For decades they've gotten away with this. But now, thanks to their own toxic rhetoric, the left is coming apart at the seams.

The victim-driven ideology that once gave the left an emotionally-manipulative advantage is bringing about its swift destruction.  At one point, the Democrats crowed about how they were helping women, minorities, and homosexuals. But most of those battles have been won. What they're left with now are severely small subsects of culture that demand recognition from society.

These groups include transgenders, illegal immigrants, and--yes--Islamic terrorists.

Many left-leaning activists, politicians, and citizens have long ago forgotten that they were about making regular American lives better and have began to focus on groups that no one could possibly like. This in an effort to seem progressive and open-minded.

The reigning ideology of the left is to be protective of every weird, non-existent, or offensive group, to the extent that anyone with a dissenting opinion is bullied, silenced, or treated as an enemy.

This is what has become of "social justice." Once an attempt to right actual problems in our society (i.e.: civil rights for black Americans), this movement has devolved into fighting for the most ridiculous causes, even if that means destroying itself.

I'm am about to show you a few examples of how the progressive left and SJW's are attacking themselves. They have gone so far off track that they bully and harass members of their own party, or people who couldn't possibly pose a threat.

It's almost laughable, if it wasn't true.

The first case will have you up in arms, especially if you love animals.

Racist social justice warriors have launched a brutal intimidation campaign against a cat sanctuary that doubles as a cafe in Austin, Texas, bombarding its owner with racial slurs and death threats while launching criminal attacks on her property.

The Blue Cat Cafe in East Austin serves as a home to more than 200 cats adoptable through the Humane Society – a vital community service that cares for defenseless animals who would otherwise be on the streets or dead.

However, because the cafe is located on the site of a former Jumpolin piñata store that went out of business, SJWs have launched a violent crusade to frighten away the owner, who doesn’t wish to be named because of the threats. (via Info Wars)

I am not making this stuff up. These radical idiots put glue in the door locks so the owner couldn't get in and feed the cats. The other damages to the property were so bad, a group of decent people started a GoFundMe campaign to raise support for repairs--starting at $5,000.

And why have they wrecked so much destruction? Because a piñata store went out of business. A piñata store. Should such a thing even exist? How can someone maintain a viable business, when all they sell is piñatas? I doubt the demand for piñatas is great even in Mexico to justify a store that only sells one product.

Of course a store like that would go out of business--that's the free market at work. Yet these unevolved, un-American idiots attack an innocent business owner who is trying to help get stray cats adopted. Animals that would otherwise be dead or on the streets.

Can you find any logic in that? But that is the left in a nutshell: they put irrational emotion over common sense and logic.

But it only gets worse from there. While these racists in Austin harass kittens, there are other radical groups attacking their own kind.

Recently the outspoken liberal comedian known as Amy Schumer (niece to liberal Senator Chuck Schumer, btw) enraged hundreds of her own fans when at an event in Florida, she started to bash Donald Trump.

It was a desperate move on the part of the comedian to push her political agenda on people who paid money just to have a few laughs. She took advantage of their goodwill and support to propel Hillary's agenda.

But that's not what we're here to talk about. That stunt certainly made her a darling to the left. Jeopardizing her own fans to support Hillary! What a hero!

But that wasn't enough to get black social justice warriors to not attack her.

Several social justice warriors have taken to Twitter to express their distaste for comedian Amy Schumer’s parody of Beyonce’s “Formation.”

The SJWs have charged Schumer with a very serious offense – cultural appropriation.

The court of public opinion is currently in session and ‘victim’ impact statements are pouring in...

Schumer, who once said “Anyone who is not a feminist is an insane person,” has long been hailed as a sort of champion for many issues popular among SJWs.

Once upon a time, liberals praised the overweight comedian for – in their words – ‘shutting down’ body shaming trolls on social media. Earlier this year, she set her fans loose on Glamour magazine after the outlet dared to include her in their ‘plus size’ special feature. (via Milo)

Cultural appropriation is very serious issue, to people without a brain. In a nation that has thrived thanks to freedom of speech and expression, social justice warriors want to clamp down on anyone who dares "appropriate" anything they think belongs to their culture.

Even though this is America and we're part of one collective culture, black activists in particular take offense at anyone who takes parts of their identity and uses it for their own purposes.

Even if that person is "one of them," a lefty progressive who called non-feminists insane.

Once again the flawed agenda of SJW's--that prizes emotion over common sense, facts, and logic--rears its ugly head. Instead of supporting one of their own, who has "championed" feminist ideals by making crude jokes about sex, they attack Schumer for parodying a song by Beyonce.

This is the real regressive left. They don't operate out of logic or moral principles. They operate out of emotion, largely anger and hate. They ignore common sense, basic intelligence, and facts, to propel agendas that will never work in a real society.

As Lincoln once said, "A house divided cannot stand." If social justice warriors had their way, there'd be no society to live in.

So what are we left to do? Call out a rat for what it is. Don't give into the kinds of intimidation that SJW's use to get their way. They are screaming children having a tantrum. Do what every parent should do: let them rant and rave, but don't cave. They will eventually run out of steam, tire out, and be forced to go back to their real lives.

In time, all flawed movements burn out. We just have to wait it out.

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