Snowflakes Plan To Scream At The Sky On November 8th

There’s been a lot going on in recent weeks. The House passed a $4 trillion budget. An FBI informant will testify about Russian bribery during the Obama administration. More allegations are coming out about Hollywood rapists and molesters. President Trump has released 3000 documents related to the JFK assassination.

But this is what we need to talk about.

Next month, if you hear horrifying noises in your community, don’t be surprised. On November 8, 2017, the night sky might be filled with the blood-curdling sounds of voices in desperate pain. You might be urged to call your local law enforcement, for fear that someone is in big trouble. Hang up the phone, my friends. It’s only the screeching of triggered snowflakes.

The rage is still strong in some Trump opponents, who plan to band together to "scream helplessly at the sky" on the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election.

Facebook events around the country invite people to gather together and let out a "primal scream over the current state of our democracy" on Nov. 8.

The idea came from Boston, where people will gather in America's oldest park, the Boston Common, to scream. Other liberal cities like New York, Austin and Philadelphia picked up the idea. (Via Fox News)

Wow. I mean, wow. Is there a better tableau that can express the impotence and pointlessness of liberal outrage? I mean, I satirize for a living, but I can’t think of a better one.

While this all may just seem like a funny oddity, something to joke about with friends at the bar, there is something here that needs to be examined. Let’s look at the reaction of the left in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. Immediately following it, organized protests on November 9. That fast guys? It’s like you were already prepared for it.

Think about what they tried to do. They were protesting the outcome of a democratic election. They weren’t protesting the abuse of a life-long dictator. They weren’t protesting decades of sexual abuse covered up by a major industry (why isn’t the Women’s March protesting Hollywood right now?). They were protesting a legal election where they didn’t like the outcome. Really?

Then there was an attempt to prevent the Electoral College from casting their votes for Trump. Again, a pointless gesture, given that in the history of America the EC has never violated the will of the voting public (and it wouldn’t matter). But that didn’t stop an online petition from getting made, or death threats from being sent to members of the EC.

Of course, there was Michael Moore’s meltdown over the Inauguration. When the reality set in on January 20, liberals decided to riot in Washington, D.C. They were unable to stop the Inauguration, of course. Trump would have been made President in a private ceremony, had protests gotten anywhere near the event. But the Disrupt J20 idiots did manage to destroy a Muslim immigrant’s limo. Good work, guys.

And, of course, there was this precious chestnut from that day:

That always makes me laugh. I mean, damn girl. He’s President, not king of the universe. He’s not going to stop you from reading your pathetic feminist blogs, get terrible haircuts, and blame white cis men for all your problems. You’ve got that down pretty well.

Now legions of this woman’s buddies will be screaming to the sky on the year anniversary of Americans electing a President. But why? Why all these temper tantrums? Why act and behave in such a childish, unprecedented way? When Bush was elected, nobody did this. When Obama was elected, conservatives didn’t do this. Why now?

"This administration has attacked everything about what it means to be American. Who wouldn't feel helpless every day?" Boston organizer Johanna Schulman said. "Coming together reminds us that we are not alone, that we are part of an enormous community of activists who are motivated and angry, whose actions can make a difference." (Via Fox News)

Wow, there’s so much bullsh*t in that quote I don’t know where to begin. Seriously? Trump has “attacked everything about what it means to be American”? These snowflakes haven’t been affected one bit by Trump being in the White House. They can continue to go to college, work at Starbucks, bitch online without fear of government reprisal, and refuse to go on a diet. How has Trump disrupted their lives so much? Is the record stock market getting on their nerves? The influx of new jobs? The renewed optimism among millions of Americans?

Hmm, maybe it’s because Snowflake In Chief Schulman is just regurgitating the talking points her liberal overlords have force fed here via HuffPo, CNN, Buzzfeed, and Salon. This dummy doesn’t have an original thought in her head. The liberal propaganda machine wants her and these other professional crybabies to stay in a state of panic and misery for the next four years, so they can better manipulate them come election 2020.

If Schulman, or any other member of her Facebook group, were to actually look around, they’d realize things are much better than they seem. ISIS had been routed from Iraq and Syria. Our civil liberties haven’t been touched. We continue to have the freedom to make our own destinies.

The very fact that these snowflakes can form these pathetic groups online, to protest a lawfully elected President, without fear of being rounded up and thrown into concentration camps, proves that things are just fine in the USA. These entitled babies should take a visit to Venezuela, North Korea, or even Catalonia—where everyday people are being beaten for standing up for their rights.

They should try living in one of the many, many countries, whose governments deny their people basic freedoms. Where poverty is so bad, people are eating cats in the streets. Where things like speaking your mind to a reporter or posting online could sign your literal death warrant.

But yeah, Trump appointed a conservative to the Supreme Court. We’re so screwed.

It’s okay, though, in the end. Let the babies cry. That’s what babies do best. The grownups shoulder the burden, tune out the noise, and go back to doing their jobs. The only difference is, real babies eventually grow up and stop crying. These snowflakes? I fear for their future.

All I can say is that the good people of Boston, New York, and Philly should invest in some good earplugs come November.

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