Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes On 'The View'

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders bravely entered the war zone that is ‘The View.’ As noted by the Independent Journal Review, the extremely liberal women of ‘The View’ bombarded Sanders with false accusations and questions with a clear agenda behind them. Joy Behar even went as far as to say that 95% of President Trump’s statements are false, an assertion which simply isn’t accurate. However, despite the somewhat tense atmosphere, Sanders’ response about promoting false narrative truly hit home:

I think that’s one of the dangers that we have right now is we are pushing so many false narratives every day. We are creating false perceptions about the president and, frankly, inhibiting his ability to succeed. I think America should want him to succeed. He is the president whether they voted for him or not.

Sarah Sanders is absolutely correct. The flagrant media misreports are inexcusable and have grown to be quite toxic. The news networks continue to push the asinine narrative that President Trump is a racist and a white supremacist despite the plethora of evidence, dating back decades, proving otherwise. The media does not care about facts. They don’t like the President and are hell bent on taking him down, which is not helpful or productive, especially at a time where America is so utterly divided.

At a point during the interview, one of ‘The View’ co-hosts asked Sanders if it was difficult for her to defend President Trump “as a woman [and/or] as a person.” The Press Secretary responded by articulating how the President has shown her nothing but respect and, when provoked, goes after men just as hard as he goes after women.

Ever since President Trump’s verbal altercation with news anchor Megyn Kelly, the liberal media have been unnaturally obsessed with smearing him as a sexist who hates women or thinks less of them. As Sanders expressed, the aforementioned tale is simply not true. Anyone who pays attention to the President and his past/current interactions with people will note that when he is attacked, he fights back fiercely. This has absolutely nothing to do with gender. If you go after the President, be ready to get some flak for it. Factually and logically, this is not an alien or difficult concept to understand, but Democrats don’t care. They’ll do anything to smear President Trump.

One of the most ironic occurrences of ‘The View’s’ discussion with the Press Secretary manifested when the women criticized President Trump for (accurately) referring to the media as fake news. Their argument is that censuring the media, when it consists of so many outlets, is dangerous because it supposedly upsets the innate balance of the nation. Once again, liberals have it backwards. President Trump is America’s leader, whether people like it or not. If the media does not want to be called fake news, they shouldn’t engage in dishonest behavior.

The fake news networks have had a field day with parading the “fact” that President Trump’s approval ratings are in the 30s, citing so called polls to support their dishonest assertions. However, when one observes the analytics of the polls, they will notice an unbelievable discrepancy in the percentage of surveyed Independents and Democrats, as opposed to Republicans. Anyone with a shred of common sense knows that when you poll 42% Independents, 30% Democrats, and 25% Republicans, it will obviously appear as though President Trump’s approval ratings are stagnant.

The media doesn’t care though. If they want to find out where President Trump’s approval ratings truly stand, they would poll an equal percentage of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. This would provide an accurate analysis, but the networks won’t do this because it doesn’t suit their anti-Trump, pro-leftist agenda. Therefore, the women of  ‘The View’ should not complain about the President accurately referring to the media as fake news. They brought it upon themselves.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was nothing short of a class act during her time on the view. Her father, Mike Huckabee joined her as well. As Sanders and Huckabee spoke and answered various questions, the women of ‘The View’ gave them dirty looks, especially Sanders.

Towards the middle of the end, Behar turned to Sarah Sanders and said, “I feel sorry for you.” What a condescending statement, yet so typical coming from a liberal. There is absolutely no reason for Behar to feel sorry for, or to pity, Sanders. She is the White House Press Secretary and working closely with an administration doing their absolute best to engender positive, productive reform for the American people.

Wednesday’s segment of ‘The View’ simply magnified the deep divide between liberals and conservatives, between pro-Trump Americans and anti-Trump Americans. To bridge the gap and heal the divide, anti-Trump liberals are going to have to stop spewing mistruths. President Trump is not racist or sexist. Likewise, Behar’s claim that the President lies 95% of the time is simply wrong. The polls depicting him with approval ratings in the 30s [when the percentages of surveyed Independents, Democrats, and Republican are widely unequal] is highly misleading. Analytics make a huge difference.

Nonetheless, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did an amazing job on ‘The View.’ She was polite, yet firm, and articulated many truths that needed to be heard. Hopefully, her words will leave a lasting impact going forward.

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