Rudy Giuliani Falsely Claims on Facebook That He’s a Government Official, Former Attorney General

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani falsely claimed on Facebook that he is a government official and the former attorney general of the United States.

“Connect with me on my Facebook Page,” Giuliani tweeted on Tuesday. “More to come on my investigation, soon!”

The link led his followers to a “RealRudyGiuliani” page that listed the former New York City mayor as a government official alongside what appears to be a years-old photo.

The profile further falsely claimed that is the “Former Attorney General of the United States.”

Giuliani did serve as associate attorney general:

"If it says AG it was a mistake should be AAG. Will change it,” Giuliani texted to New York Daily News reporter Chris Sommerfeldt.

Giuliani served as the Associate Attorney General from 1981 to 1983 under Ronald Reagan, before becoming a U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

That same prosecutor’s office is now investigating Giuliani for a wide variety of crimes after indicted his associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who helped him hunt for dirt on Joe Biden in Ukraine, eventually leading to President Trump’s impeachment.

Giuliani also claims he’s a better Jew than George Soros:

The Facebook faux pas came a day after New York Magazine published a piece in which Giuliani pushed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Jewish billionaire donor George Soros “controlled” former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and is “employing” FBI agents.

“I told him he sounded crazy, but he insisted he wasn’t,” wrote New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi.

“Don’t tell me I’m anti-Semitic if I oppose him,” he said. “Soros is hardly a Jew. I’m more of a Jew than Soros is. I probably know more about — he doesn’t go to church, he doesn’t go to religion — synagogue. He doesn’t belong to a synagogue, he doesn’t support Israel, he’s an enemy of Israel. He’s elected eight anarchist DA’s in the United States. He’s a horrible human being.”

“Soros has funded many enemies to the State of Israel, including groups that support BDS, who’s ultimate goal is to destroy the Jewish homeland,” Giuliani later added on Twitter. “Those who oppose these groups are not only better Jews, but better people than him. Most certainly not anti-Semitic.”


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