Right-Wing Candidate Who Claims Election Was Stolen Illegally Voted 9 Times: Report

A right-wing Georgia candidate allegedly illegally voted nine times while serving probation for felony convictions, Vice News reports.

Brian Pritchard is a right-wing talk show host running in a special election to replace former Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, who died last month after winning reelection, against Ralston’s widow, Sheree Ralston.

Pritchard has repeatedly echoed lies about the 2020 election, accusing Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and other Republicans of being “complicit” in a stolen election.

“I don't believe 81 million people voted for [Joe Biden],” Pritchard said in April. “When they stole an election, and Brian Kemp was complicit, the governor of Georgia, and Chris Carr the attorney general was complicit in Georgia, and you see Joe Biden…this is what they did to us.”

Illegal voting:

Pritchard first registered to vote in January 2008 while he was still on probation after pleading guilty to felony forgery and theft charges in Pennsylvania.

Under Georgia law, felons are not allowed to vote until they complete their sentence, including probation.

In February 2021, Georgia’s State Election Board accused Pritchard of voting while still serving his sentence.

Pritchard’s attorney said at the time he was not aware he was still considered a felon when casting his ballot.

Last week, the Georgia Attorney General’s office said Pritchard illegally voted five times in 2008 and four times in 2010.

What’s next?

The AG’s office has requested a hearing for the week of Jan. 9, after the special election.

Pritchard faces up to $45,000 in fines.

But Pritchard has not been criminally charged and would not be disqualified from serving if he does win.

Pritchard denied any wrongdoing.

“I’ve not done anything wrong here,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I will not be intimidated,” Pritchard told the Dawson County News last week. “I will not be bullied.”


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