Republicans Purge Trump Ties and Abortion From Campaign Websites

Republican candidates are stripping language touting their ties to former President Donald Trump and anti-abortion sentiments from their campaign websites ahead of the midterms, The Daily Beast reports.

North Carolina Republican Bo Hines’ website proudly declared the was “100 percent Pro-Life” and “100 percent Pro-Trump.”

His issues page argued that “life begins at conception” and vowed to “protect the rights of the unborn.”

The first thing on the page was Trump’s face and his endorsement.

“Today, all of that is gone,” wrote The Daily Beast’s Sam Brodey. “As Hines faces stiff competition from a Democratic rival in a swing suburban district, all but one of the images and invocations of Trump previously on his site have been removed, as have all references to abortion.”

Trump references snubbed:

Hines is hardly the only Republican pivoting to the general election.

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz and Washington Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley have all scrubbed their websites of Trump references.

GOP strategist Ken Spain told the Daily Beast that changing their message is “kind of silly at this stage.”

“Unfortunately for all candidates, the Internet lives forever,” Spain said. “At this point, it’s too late to run away from who you are.”

Abortion, too:

Masters and Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt both scrubbed their websites of their staunch pro-life stances.

Numerous Republican House candidates have made similar moves.

“MAGA Republicans have made their extreme positions clear—there is no going back just because they have all of a sudden realized that they are out-of-touch with voters,” said Tommy Garcia, a spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Voters know exactly who these cowardly candidates are.”


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