Republicans Now Pushing to “Audit” Election Results in States That Trump Won

A growing number of Republicans are pushing to “audit” election results in states that former President Donald Trump won in 2020 amid the controversial “audit” in Arizona, The Daily Beast reports.

Utah state Rep. Steve Christiansen traveled to Phoenix to view the Arizona audit and asked a legislative committee to consider launching its own even though Trump won the state by more than 20 points.

“I wanted to make sure I got to Arizona while the audit was being conducted,” Christiansen told The Daily Beast.

The dubious Arizona audit has yet to produce any evidence of fraud or irregularities but many believe it is a stunt to further sow doubt in Trump’s loss.

Christiansen told the outlet that he called for an audit because the Arizona operation made him concerned about voter fraud. Asked for proof of voter fraud, Christiansen pointed reporters to a document by former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro that The Washington Post described as perhaps “the most embarrassing document created by a White House staffer.”

“For me, it’s all about making sure we have free and fair elections,” Christiansen said.

Oklahoma too:

Jackson Lahmeyer, a 29-year-old Oklahoma pastor challenging Republican Sen. James Lankford called for the state to conduct its own audit as well even though Trump won the state by more than 30 points.

“I would go so far as to say, it would be important in Oklahoma as well, even though Oklahoma wasn’t necessarily one of the contested states,” One American News host Christina Bobb told the candidate during an interview.

Lahmeyer agreed with Bobb, calling the race a “stolen election.”

Lahmeyer later told The Daily Beast that he doesn’t think Oklahoma needs “as thorough an audit” or one at all.

And North Carolina:

Members of the North Carolina state legislature Freedom Caucus have also called to inspect voting machines for signs of irregularities even though Trump edged out Biden in the state.

The North Carolina Board of Elections told The Daily Beast it is considering its response to the lawmakers.

State Rep. Keith Kidwell said he wants independent technicians to inspect the machines for modems that could connect to the internet, promising to put “the hard question to these guys about what is going on with the machines.”


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