Republican Congressman Shares Fake Photo of Obama Shaking Hands With Iranian President

Republican Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted a doctored photo showing former President Obama with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

"The world is a better place without these guys in power,” Gosar wrote.

Obama and Rouhani never met in person.

CBS News reported that the image was doctored from a 2011 photo showing Obama shaking hands with then-Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Gosar defiant:

"To the dim witted one said this wasn't photoshopped. No one said the president of Iran was dead. No one said Obama met with Rouhani in person," Gosar said on Twitter. "Obama coddled, appeased, nurtured and protected the worlds No. 1 sponsor of terror. The world is better without Obama as president. The world will be better off without Rouhani."

Many pointed out that Rouhani remains the Iranian president.

Gosar spread conspiracy theories before:

“It’s at least the third time in two months that the lawmaker has tweeted conspiratorial messages or misinformation,” The Washington Post reported. “In November, he posted an acrostic to his account that spelled out the phrase ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself,’ an oft-memed claim referring to the death of jailed financier Jeffrey Epstein. The day after, in a now-deleted tweet, Gosar signal-boosted a conspiracy theory suggesting that George Soros’s son was the whistleblower who triggered the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump.”


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