With Release of Weiner Emails, Walls Closing In on Clinton

With Release of Weiner Emails, Walls Closing In on Clinton

It’s been a bad week for the Hillary Clinton camp. As a matter of fact, it’s been a bad slew of months that now span well over a year. But it has been a particularly bad week, as the release by the State Department of emails stored on top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s estranged husband’s laptop have made it apparent that Hillary is in hotter water than ever.

Those who have long chanted ‘lock her up!’ will see the release of Abedin’s work-related emails – stored on the laptop of her ex, convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner – as a sure sign that prosecution is coming. Realists know that we cannot be so sure of such a thing. But with the Democratic party having thoroughly turned their back on Clinton (see the Vanity Fair Hill-bashing video) it appears that the Hildabeast’s metaphorical fortress of media cronies and intelligence community bagmen are less abundant than they have been in a long time.

It’s one thing for the court of public opinion to have a damn strong suspicion that a politician is dirty. But plausible deniability can be stretched pretty far, and until evidence is thrown directly in the faces of those who would otherwise defend one to their death, excuses can always be made, flimsy as they may be. That said, it appears to be a new day in Washington, and the release of emails containing classified information by the Department of State is a far cry from the back-door dealings, tar-mac meetings, Clinton-insulating legalese and mentions of “insurance policies” in the wake of presidential elections which have characterized the recent DOJ.

The public is tired of Hillary Clinton. That’s no revelation. However, the dirtier and more tarnished she and her lieutenants’ public images and reputations become, the worse the party that endorsed her in 2016 appears in retrospect. Going forward, the relatively high chance that a so-called Clintonista such as Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe makes a run for the presidency in 2020, the more riddled with Clinton-linked ammunition their would-be campaign ship becomes.

It cannot be reiterated enough: knowing that Clinton exchanged confidential materials on her own private email server was enough to close the casket on her presidential prospects, and likely her political career as we knew it. The appearance that her ride-or-die keeper of secrets Huma Abedin appears to have been using her ex-hubby’s computer to further circumvent official government vetting processes in handling State Department issues is even more damning. The potential that that same computer was more likely than not to have been used to send underage girls stills of Weiner’s own half-chub is a mildly nauseating yet relatively inconsequential sidenote, potential malware infections aside.

But here’s the kicker. Seeing the contents of the actual emails, the blood and guts of official State Department dealings, and picturing Huma sipping her morning cup of Joe as she made herself complicit in illegally sending and receiving these emails makes the deception seem even more real. It makes the whole 2008-2016 presidential regime – and Clinton’s outsize role in it – feel even more like the scandal-ridden, deception-driven series of cover-ups that it has proven to be.

And this is from the American perspective. Can you imagine how the highest-ranking members of the foreign nations being discussed in these emails feel knowing that some of the top members of the American State Department treated confidential, classified material like it was a dirty joke forwarded amongst college buddies?

To review, the scale of the Weiner trove – and this was just his wife’s government correspondences, not any nude selfies – consisted of 2,800 emails and documents. This was no aberration, slip-up, exception, or unintentional one-timer. This was systematic avoidance of legally-mandated systems of correspondence.

And what the public won’t see: the government-vetted emails that were so sensitive as to be withheld from the public’s view after a months-long vetting process. So the emails that the State Department has now released aren’t even the worst of the lot. The use of the personal computer for State Department business was illegal in and of itself, but the fact that five emails containing classified information have been released to the public confirms that this case is a big-freaking-deal. And those are only the five emails deemed fit for public consumption. Keep in mind that ‘the confidential classification level is applied to information whose unauthorized disclosure reasonably could be expected to cause damage to national security.’ In other words, they ain’t recipes for Hillary’s home-made pizza pie.

Here are the most critical details from the classified documents, courtesy of the Daily Mail, where the entire 800-page trove can be accessed. The released emails were sent and/or received in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and, again, we can be certain that others have been marked for non-release, deleted, or simply stored on other servers.

One page of a document released Friday is heavily redacted and marked 'classified'; it mentions 'update on Hamas-PA talks,' referring to the Palestinian Authority.

Another is a four-page 'call sheet' meant to guide Clinton through a sensitive phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu.’

And we wonder why Israeli-American relations under the Obama administration were more than icy. As if the administration’s determination to arm Iran as Hezbollah engaged in narco and arms trafficking under their collective noses, the notoriously hacking-capable Israelis probably knew that these unsecured correspondences were going on.

The irony of an exchange regarding the Saudis – one which would center around ‘private conversations’ between the State Department and the Saudis that had been ‘stolen’ is the stuff of mythical proportions.

A third is a detailed rundown of issues Clinton was expecting to address during a call with Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who served as Saudi Arabia's foreign minister until 2015.’

The call sheet itself related mostly to the expected publication of a massive trove of U.S. diplomatic cables by the WikiLeaks organization. 

'This appears to be the result of an illegal act in which a fully cleared intelligence officer stole information and gave it to a website. The person responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,' the call sheet advised her to say.

These correspondences were being stored on Anthony ‘the Weiner Disseminator’ Weiner’s personal computer, and Clinton was speaking about prosecuting somebody – presumably Seth Rich – who ‘stole’ such sensitive documents. That’s like leaving your best friend’s diamond necklace on the floor in a South Side Chicago liquor store and getting ‘outraged’ that it had been stolen, promising her to find the culprit, as if that would make things all well and good. You send classified and official state documents on pedophile’s laptops, you get what you deserve when they are either lost, stolen, or you are ultimately exposed as putting national security at risk.

And, just as a reminder:

Civilians like Weiner, who was once a congressman but resigned in mid-2011, are prohibited from possessing or reading classified documents without a security clearance.

Intelligence agencies warn that such documents are 'born classified,' meaning that their distribution is restricted whether or not they bear 'classified' stamps or other identifying marks.’

Many, including Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, are calling for the official, criminal DOJ investigation that so many see as completely warranted and long overdue. How much clearer could it be that nefarious, intentional actions were taken with respect to official State Department correspondences?

Hillary knew it. Huma knew it. Tony Weiner knew it. And the American public has known it for over a year now. Thanks to today’s State Department releases, we have even seen some of the classified emails, and many, many more that were illegal to be sending outside of government servers. The fact that they were sent on the computer of a convicted sex offender just feels like a slap in the face at this point.