Progressivism: It's Never Going To Be Enough

No matter what you do, liberals will never be happy.

I would preface that I'm talking about extreme, empty-headed liberals that don't think for themselves. But more and more I'm learning that even the "sensible" leaders of liberalism in America operate under a form of self-delusion.

This week we learned of the "bombshell" news that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. All of a sudden the liberals were outraged. They claimed that Trump did it because Comey was investigating him over the Russian-hacking case.

Even Edward Snowden, whistle-blower and criminal fugitive, tweeted this:

But hang on. Didn't Democrats hate James Comey? Wasn't he the man they blamed for Hillary Clinton's loss? Even until last week Hillary herself was blaming Comey for her titanic loss at the polls. Democrats claimed that Comey's shoddy and unprofessional handling of her email investigation cost her votes, especially when he reopened the investigation just days before the election.

But now, because Trump fired Comey, they're furious?

Which begs the question, even when liberals get what they want, can they ever be happy?

Keep in mind that we had eight years with a progressive, black, Democrat president. Yet under Obama was saw the rise of a new breed of social justice warriors, protestors (like Occupy Wall Street), and even Black Lives Matter. Even with him in the White House, liberals had reason to complain.

There is something inherently wrong with liberal logic. If we can even call it logic. Much of it is built around the idea that our society is fundamentally broken and needs reform.

In the past, this concept was used to confront specific problems that needed real change, like Civil Rights. It is a fact that in the United States, black people were treated worse than white people. So over the course of several generations, Civil Rights advocates fought for change. And they got it.

But when you use the same logic as a blanket for everything in society, then you are creating conditions in which you can never, truly win.

Feminists think a patriarchy is running our society, i.e.: an evil cabal of white, cis-gender men that work to suppress women (and gays, and black people, and anyone with purple hair). Although for decades affirmative action has helped eliminate real or perceived sexism in our society, for some reason feminists believe these evil white men are pulling the strings.

Maybe it's because there are still men alive in our country.

Or maybe it's because they created conditions that can never be changed. If you think there is a secret conspiracy aimed at destroying you- without valid proof to back it up- you will never be able to fully defeat it. Any problem you encounter, every perceived slight, you can always blame on this shadowy scapegoat.

Be it the patriarchy, white privilege, or the next big boogeyman (like thin privilege), the regressive left will never be happy even if society bends to its demands. Because you cannot kill an idea.

Liberals have been engendered to hate. They find offense in every segment of society. Their solution? To fight and bitch until people are forced to obey their whims. Yet they still aren't happy. Because their ideology is one of discontent and bitterness.

Compare that to conservatives (or broadly speaking, anyone that's not a left-winger). They acknowledge there are problems in our society- in the world in general. What is their solution? What is their overriding philosophy? That with hard work, dedication, and faith a person can overcome those problems to achieve success.

Sounds a lot like this thing we once called... the American way.

Conservatives understand that there are problems in our society. But we know that with the opportunity afforded to us by the Bill of Rights and Constitution, an individual can confront those problems and accomplish great things.

We believe that by changing ourselves, we can be great.

Liberals, on the other hand, want everything else to change. Themselves? Well, they're perfect just the way they are! How can you demand that a precious snowflake, you know, grow and improve?

This explains why they are so quick to flip-flop. Their goal isn't so much the advancement of our society, but to maintain their position as complainers. They think that by taking a combative stance on issues, they are being rebels and renegades. Makes sense, since many of them (or their professors) came out of the 1960's, a time when being counter-culture was cool.

But in reality, they are rebels of nothing. They are only betraying their own motives and jeopardizing their ability to lead.

What else can you say about their reaction to Comey's dismissal? It has nothing to do with what actually happened or why. They are just reacting to a new decision by President Trump, something they've been doing since day one.

So in condemning this action, they are going against their recent stance that Comey was a bad guy in the first place. Proving they have no real values to speak of.

Or at the very least, their views make them impossible to be satisfied.

But you don't have to wade into the arena of D.C. politics to see this kind of double-sidedness. Throughout our culture, social justice warriors and leftists find a reason to bitch about everything.


A new product line from Dove featuring six limited-edition bottle shapes meant to celebrate obesity and skinniness alike has become the subject of intense mockery and triggering online.

On its web page detailing the campaign, Dove says, “every woman’s vision of beauty is different and, if you ask us, these differences are there to be celebrated. That’s what real beauty is all about – the unique things that set us apart from each other and make us one of a kind.” (Milo)

Sounds like the typical air-head, hippie nonsense people spout off to impress liberals. Yet even this campaign brought derision and complaints- from, you guessed it, liberals.

Among the general complaints, there were actually people upset about the white bottles. Because, you know, if you're trying to match body types, why not also match skin color? Screw you, Dove, for being so racist!

Writing for The Sydney Morning Herald, Jess Zimmerman declares, “no, Dove, we don’t need your ‘body positive’ soap bottles.”

“Dove’s new packaging raises a number of questions,” Zimmerman writes. “Do all the bottles have the same amount of soap? Are you supposed to buy the one that looks like you? Are we gearing up for a dystopia in which society is divided according to soap format?”

She concludes, “by all means, contemplate your body in the shower. Contemplate the heck out of it – but not because you see it reflected in your bottle of soap. Confusing human women for shapely bits of plastic is actually the trouble, not the cure.”

I mean, god dammit! It's just a soap bottle, people. Dove was trying to exploit the liberal, body-positive message to sell soap to feminists. But even that triggers the complainers.

I've talked about the body positivity movement in the past. Trying to make people feel good about their obesity isn't a virtue, it's a crime. Encouraging people to work to make positive changes in their lives should be the standard. Not empty rhetoric meant to preserve someone's feelings.

What good are feelings when you die of heart disease?

Yet when a company tries to acquiesce to this movement, the liberals strike. It helps prove the idea that the left isn't a group worth pandering or even listening to. They merely want to manipulate society based on their current whims- without any real goals or agenda in mind.

Sometimes they seem like that bully in the school yard who picks on the smaller kids- just trying to see what he can make them do.

Even icons that can be powerful symbols of feminism and the strength of women have come under fire.

For decades Wonder Woman was a character that spoke to the power of women. She was a hero, fighting alongside Batman and Superman. She showed young girls that they too can kick ass and take names.

She was such an obvious feminist character that in the 1950's she was attacked for sending the wrong messages to little girls.

Yet, with her first feature film just months away from being released, feminists are attacking the character. Why? Because she is a healthy, attractive woman, that's why!

Social justice warriors are fuming yet again after Warner Bros. chose to promote its new Wonder Woman film alongside the Think Thin brand of organic protein bars.

Among the whiners is HuffPost’s Jenavieve Hatch, who penned an article titled “‘Wonder Woman’ Partnered With Think Thin In Tone-Deaf Branding Move.”

Hatch’s piece slams Warner Bros. for sending “a very conflicting message to women” with the partnership, claiming it’s “causing many people on social media to wonder why an action movie with a powerful woman lead would also promote the dangerous idea that thin is synonymous with healthy.” (Milo)

Yeah! Because fat, bloated people that need help climbing the stairs should be our standard of healthy. And while male superheroes are the pinnacle of health- with their washboard abs and chiseled features- a female superhero should be flabby and out of shape.

I mean, seriously, what the hell guys? A character like Wonder Woman should be celebrated by these harpies. She is a strong, beautiful, healthy woman. One that doesn't need a man to save her. Shouldn't that be the standard for young girls?

Instead, the bitter, hateful clutch of feminists shriek at the sight of a proud, attractive, and thin woman getting attention. Much like the pretty girls in school they wished they had been.

Maybe instead of hating on Diana, you hit the treadmill?

If beauty comes from within, these ladies are still ugly.

So what's the end result? When will liberals be happy? I'd say they'll only be happy when white men are enslaved, Christianity is outlawed, and fat women rule the earth. But even then, liberals will have something to complain about.

It goes to show you that you should never feed a monster. They'll only get bigger, meaner, and more demanding.

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