Pro-Impeachment Republican Calls Out Democrats for Boosting His Pro-Trump Opponent

Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer called out Democrats for boosting his pro-Trump opponent John Gibbs in the Republican primary, Fox News reports.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said it is spending $425,000 to buy ads boosting Gibbs in hopes that it will give Democrats an easier matchup in November.

"John Gibbs is too conservative for West Michigan. Handpicked by Trump to run for Congress, Gibbs called Trump ‘the greatest president,’ and worked in Trump’s administration with Ben Carson," the narrator in the DCCC ad says. "Gibbs has promised to push that same conservative agenda in Congress. A hard line against immigrants at the border and so-called ‘patriotic’ education in our schools. The Gibbs/Trump agenda is too conservative for West Michigan."

Meijer was one of just 10 House Republicans that voted to impeach Trump after the Capitol riot and has been targeted by Trump during the campaign.

Meijer slams Dems:

"The DCCC’s ad buy was more than Gibbs raised over the entire duration of his campaign," Meijer wrote on Substack. "In other words, the Democrats are not merely attempting to boost a candidate over the finish line: They are subsidizing his entire campaign."

He noted that Gibbs is an extremist right-winger that denies the result of the 2020 election.

"So you would think that the Democrats would look at John Gibbs and see the embodiment of what they say they most fear. That as patriots they would use every tool at their disposal to defeat him and similar candidates that they’ve said are an existential threat,” he wrote.

"As the January 6 Select Committee continues to warn about the ongoing threat to democracy, their own party dues are paying to help elect the same villains they rail against," he added.

Risky Dem strategy:

Gibbs is one of numerous extremist Republicans boosted by Democrats this cycle.

An analysis by OpenSecrets found that groups and nonprofits aligned with the Democratic Party have spent $44 million to boost Republicans in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland.

New York Rep. Ritchie Torres called the strategy “embarrassingly hypocritical.”

"We cannot credibly defend democracy and then prop up candidates who are existential threat to the very democracy that we're defending. And politics, when you try to be too cute and clever it often backfires. The DCCC is not God. It cannot guarantee the outcome of the general election and when you prop up a conspiracy theorist, you run the risk of sending an extremist to the United States Congress and that's an egregious misuse of Democratic resources," he said.


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